Embrace Change

Wake up.

It only takes a fraction of a second for your world to get turned upside down.

You’ve experienced both sides of this. You know it’s true. For better or for worse, your experience of life could drastically change within the next 24 hours.

There are so many things outside of your control.

That’s why I want you to embrace change, it’s why I asked you to test your assumptions, and that also the reason I want you to practice Mindfulness more now than ever before. (see more here)

Practice Bringing Your Awareness to the Here and Now.

Trust the process.

Incremental changes will have compounding effects. Do what needs done today. Be mindful of how you feel. And at some point, maybe at the end of the day, make a note of what you can do a little better tomorrow.

Tame your inner critic.

Edit the story of your life.

With all you’ve seen in your short time on this planet, you still cling to your story.

You still wear your failures like a shield.

You still give credence to the running list of reasons why…

you’re never going to amount to shit.

You still think that who you are is who you’ll always be.

You don’t have to be a prisoner to history.

You don’t need to get all worked up over the future.

Find peace and be present in your life now. Observe the things you say both aloud and in the confines of your own head and look for absolute statements. Notice how often your imagination runs away with your attention.

Reign it in.

Clear your mind.

Relax deeply.

Stop Trying to Control Everything!

That’s not working out. It never does. So just stop it already.

Bring your attention to your breath as it comes in and out of your body. Let go of tension. Allow your breath to deepen but don’t try to control it’s depth.

Allow your body to rediscover it’s natural rhythm.

This will reset your entire system and help you release your need for control in other areas of your life.

Reduce Complexity

Make everything simpler than you’re used to.

Today, pick just one thing that you want to cross off your to do list. Celebrate that one thing. Practice principles. Build systems. Have faith in the process.

Some change happens without your consent or approval, other changes are yours to make.

You got this.

Talk to you soon,
Your Future Self.

PS. If you just read this, please note: this series is the result of my morning ritual. These are notes to me, what I need to work on. Some people find them useful.


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Hi, I'm Tim McAuley the founder of Soul Surfer School where I help people learn how to get out of their own way so they can create the life they deserve by sharing proven techniques to create better habits so they can do the work to actually deserve the life of their dreams.

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