Tie Up Loose Ends

The Art of Finishing Things

Congratulations on getting your lists.

Those exercises always help me feel a sense of relief and bring me a little clarity about what to focus on next and why.

I hope they helped you clear out a bit of mental space. 

Now, Let’s Tie Up Some Loose Ends.

This exercise will help you get some closure and become more away of some things that could be draining your energy and kill your focus. 

Eventually, you can systematize your life for optimal flow, so you can be more productive at work and still connect more deeply with your family at home.

Finding your own flow takes time.

I believe that most people can create a better life for themselves.

I believe self-actualization is possible for some people.

I believe some people can actually have it all, they just need to figure out a few things about themselves and then get out of their own way.

The next step in getting out of your own way is do the shit that needs to be done. 

I’ve met very few people who don’t have a list of ignored things in their life.

As I’m writing this, I realize that I need to do this one again as well.

  • We bought a TV recently that needed an update…. 4 months later… still needs it.
  • The garage is a mess.
  • My office needs reorganized as well

Those incomplete things in our lives cost us emotionally.

They weigh us down like anchors of burden that keep us stuck in frustration mode.

It can be a bunch of different things… 

  • A fight with someone from years ago…
  • Dealing with a business owner who isn’t organized, doesn’t deliver a service as promised, and doesn’t communicate well.’
  • A project you started but didn’t finish (puzzles, model building, home upgrades, etc).
  • Putting the laundry away
  • Making your bed

Open a file, or get your notebook out. 

List out all the areas of your life. Mine look like this…

  • Mind and Spirit
  • Body and Health
  • Relationships Past and Present
  • Finances
  • Home Chores
  • Community and Impact

Get clear on the things left undone.

Know what’s been left unsaid.

Go around your house and look to see what needs fixed.
(squeaky doors, lawn care, staining the deck, etc)

The human brain hates open loops; they drain us of our will power, cloud the mind, and rob us of energy.

In this exercise nothing is too small.

If it bothers you, it bothers you.

So be thorough and be honest with yourself.

When I did this the first time, I look back on that list and think…

Wow… What a little bitch…. 

It’s amazing to me how much stupid shit bothers me if I don’t become aware of it and consciously give myself closure.

Again, it’s just how the brain processes life as we experience it, not our fault, so just get it on paper so we can get it out of your head and get out of your own way. 

These incomplete projects “LEAK” the energy from your being.

That sense of avoidance….

… the reason why you don’t want to make a decision and do anything about how shitty your life feels, is because of these open loops.

Close them.

And you’ll be one step closer to freedom. 

What happens when you don’t do this?

Your life becomes a self perpetuating cycle of “I’ll get to that later”….

or “Tomorrow I’ll”…

…then nothing changes, and we get lost in our heads beating ourselves up about being this old and still not having our shit together. 

It’s a vicious cycle, and you can start to get out of it today.

This takes a LOT of honesty. 

You have to look in the mirror, observe the dusty corners of your home and observe the results of the way you show up to your own life.

This doesn’t feel good for most people

You might actually stop here. 

A lot of people do, and that’s okay with me. 

I stopped here several times before I actually did it. 

Each of us has our own path. 

Choice is yours. 

After you create your list click here to see how to sort it all out.