Flipping the Inevitability Switch

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Friday, September 25, 2020
Re: Flipping the Inevitability Switch

One night a few years ago, just around this time, I couldn’t get myself to sleep in my bed. 

I’d stay either on Netflix or Amazon Prime until something lulled me enough for the Sandman to visit. 

This isn’t new. I slept on the couch all the way through high school too. When my brain latches onto a problem, it gets obsessive. 

It’s hard to shut it off. 

These days, it happens less and less. 

Mainly because I’ve recognized it and developed some “pause buttons” and systems to help me stay out of my head. 

Back in 2018, dealing with the grief of losing my Dad was much more of a challenge than I’d anticipated. It crushed me. I nearly blew up my marriage.

The last week of September triggers it in me every year. 

October 10 is my wife’s birthday. 

That year, I’d been in my head trying to heal a broken heart, getting used to a new city, and trying like hell to find my center. 

I was barely making ends meet. Working in a dive bar in Frisco, Texas. Dealing with life on life’s terms. 

Somehow, the idea of her birthday made me feel like a complete and utter failure. 

I felt deep down that I was capable of much more than just tending bar. Shaking the idea that “She deserves better than me” proved a challenge. Luckily for me, I’d anticipated not being able to give her a good time on her birthday and invited all her best friends to come and show her a good time. 

My main goal was to get my head right for when they visited — not let my grief affect their mission. 


One night, I stumble onto this documentary about Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity

You know…

E = MC2

I guess I never really understood the magnitude of this simple mathematic equation. 

Didn’t know that we can thank it for GPS. Had no idea that time moves slower on top of Mt Everest than at Sea Level. And definitely didn’t grasp the implications of what he called the SpaceTime Continuum. 

First off, the entire idea of gravity and what it is.

Apparently, Space is like a fabric and it weaves itself forward in time — hence, continuum. Check out this clip. 

That’s not the crazy part. 

Check out how they describe the flow of time. 

Now, I have no idea why this blew my mind as much as it did, but here’s what happened.

I remembered back in 2013, before I met Annette. 

I’d given up on all my goals. Played a game called Groundhog Day. And started doing this meditation where I envisioned I could scan every potential future and locate the version of me that I most wanted to become. 

After a while, I located two versions. 

One, the happiest single guy on the planet. He lived in a resort community, tended bar, read, wrote, surfed, and had passionate flings with amazing women from all over the world. Nothing scummy, just two adults enjoying each other with no strings attached. 

The other, was pretty much the same guy, only he had found a woman he wanted to wake up to every morning. She brought out the best in him, and he brought out her best as well. They had a connection and a relationship based on appreciation, patience, and mutual respect. 

Every day from April to September (2013) I woke up, drank coffee, and tuned into the depths of my mind watching these two versions of me, and typing words from them. 

I called it “Notes from Future Self.” 

Back to 2018.

When I watched that video of the little alien on a bike slicing spacetime — looking into the past and future, it all sort of locked into place for me. 

Here’s what I wrote that next morning…

You are E = MC2. You have your own gravity. The problem is your attention is all over the place. I need you to tune in. Slow down. Relax your mind. 

In his books Mind and Aware , Dr Dan Siegel suggest that consciousness rises from a plane of pure potential. 

Add that to the idea of multiverses and slicing spacetime and you get this….

The Law of Inevitability in Action

All those fears, worries, and doubts that cloud your mind are from a part of you that only feels safe with what it knows. It’s your habitual self. And it believes it’s protecting you from pain, but it’s really what’s in the way of you being who you are meant to be. 

Your identity is what’s holding you back. It’s the reason you feel like your own worst enemy. But, just know, that’s not you… it’s just part of you. 

So is everything else. 

There is no separation. You really are ONE with everything. Part of the whole. 

So, from here forward, I need you to tune into that place of potentiality inside you. 

Notice how the innate universal intelligence operates all around you. 

Get lost in the awe and wonder of the world. 

You’re already there. Right where you should be. You have everything you need. 

Now, allow your life to unfold as the magical mystery that it is.

Stop trying to control, manipulate, and manifest things.

Start savoring what comes up for you, and let go of the stories. 

Press pause. 

Get stoked.


Hope this helps, 
Love your face.



I wish I could say that from that day forward everything changed. 

It didn’t.

I struggled. A lot. Still do, but I kept coming back to this over and over. 

Every now and then, it was like I’d stepped into a Sacred Space …. A lot like surfing a wave. 

By 2019, I’d started coaching others to do it, by meeting them where they were, and guiding them to that space within themselves. 

It’s been my full time profession since November, and guess what.

I still get in my own way. 

Not nearly as much as I used to, and not for long. Last week, I pressed pause. Played Groundhog Day again, identified some points of friction, and flipped the Inevitability Switch. 

I encourage you to do the same. 

Reach out if you want discuss this or need a little help.

Love your face.


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