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Full Moon Ritual & Freedom -- Mindfulness go hand in hand. If you want to stay focused, release the past and manifest your future, this might help.

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Re: Full Moon Ritual & Freedom to Release the Past
From: 1144 Miles SW of Hope St
(Buffalo, OH)
July 4, 2020 (7:39 am)

Dear Friend and Subscriber,
(Hi Diane!)

Freedom First.

Most people have it backwards.

They imagine that interacting with the world will help them find happiness and ultimately freedom.

It seems logical.

In order to get “there”…

  • Heal the Past.
  • Embrace the Future.
  • Learn How to Enjoy the Present.’

Reverse that. Start at the End. Enjoy the Present Moment.

Give yourself freedom by paying close attention to what’s happening inside, and you will be able to adjust the rhythm and flow of your day.

Practice and you will become more and more present.

Being present and fully engaged with your life is freedom. That’s not the end all be all. But, it’s a damn good start.

Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, & Freedom Go Hand in Hand

Practice how you show up to the moment.

After that, create a vision of the future and embrace it; you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to take the actions you usually avoid.

That’s how it works for me. Maybe you’re different. I don’t know.

For me…

My schedule has time blocked off to embrace/envision the future, and heal the past.

(Morning. Evening. Mid-Week. Weekly. Monthly. Quarterly. Yearly.)

I can’t go into them all here today.

Tonight is a full moon, I thought we could cover that one today.

In the future, we’ll get into some of the others.

Why the Full Moon Ritual?

I’ve been doing it for a pretty long time.

The practice traces back to learning to surf.

Back in the day, I wanted to know about tides.

A buddy gave me a tide chart and told me to take it with me to different breaks. He wanted me to be aware of how the tide affects different parts of the coast. That way I’d make better decisions on which spot to pick depending on the conditions.

Most places on the planet have two highs and lows per day. It’s important to know them. Your experience depends on them.

One reason I love surfing and stand up paddling, you sort of get in tune with nature. Paying attention to weather forecasts isn’t just for conversation fodder. You live by the winds, currents, and tides.

Tides, currents, and how water flows, are relative to the sun and the moon. As the Earth spins the gravity of the moon waxes and wanes the tides. It’s really quite magical. (you watch a video about that here).

I moved away from the coast, back to Ohio in 2010. It sort of knocked me out of balance. Screwed up my rhythm.

No more dawn patrol. I stopped paying attention to the weather. Had no need to study wave charts & tide charts.

Luckily, I bought my first paddle board in 2011.

It tuned me back in.

Reminded me that I am part of an interconnected, dynamic, energy system with layers upon layers.


What’s a Full Moon Ritual?

I don’t remember the hippy dippy blogger introduced me to this idea.

The hippy in me loved it right away.

I adopted it.

I’ve done it at least three times a year since learning it.

San Clemente 2016 Full Moon Ritual.

A few months ago…

I reached a milestone in my journey —

Next Level, if you will.

Ten years in the making.

And I don’t want to slip back into old habits.

The full moon ritual will help me fight the impulse to self-sabotage.

Moving forward, I’ll do this every time the moon is full. It might change. We’ll see

Here’s What I Do

I schedule the day off.

Google “Full Moon Ritual“. Most sites say there is a Two Day Window. I prefer to do mine on the day of the fullest moon.

I’ll spend as much of the day relaxing as possible. Look through my journals. Get an idea of what transpired since the last full moon.

Throughout the day, I have two sheets of paper ready.

(One sheet = “Things to Release”. Other sheet = “Manifest This.”)

On the “Manifest This” sheet, only think through to the next Full Moon.

…. side note…

I Hold the Space for a 2031 vision.

A few years ago, I created an Idea called “Tim Time.”

My year starts on April 18. The day after the anniversary of my dad’s passing.

I put my life’s plan together based on the idea of Moonshots with a Tim Twist.

Sounds morbid.

It isn’t.

The daily reminder helps me not get caught up in the past and future.

I don’t want to waste precious moments of life worried about things that ultimately don’t matter or make a difference.

My Dad’s Birthday was July 13.

Mike ness from Social Distortion sang “Thirteen is my lucky number.”

It seemed fitting to make 13 I part of the “Tim Time Equation.”

Two reasons I shared that just now.

First, I want to give context to the Full Moon Ritual and how it fits into the overall vision.

Second, to inspire you to adopt any principles and modify any practice so that it supports you.

What works for me, might not jive with you.

And what works for the ‘experts’ might not work for everyone.


Look for the principles being applied and you can always figure out what works for you.

The Actual Full Moon Ritual.


Two sheets of paper. One for things I want to release. The other sheet is for things I want to manifest.

Look back to the last full moon…

  • I want to release excuses to skip paddling,
  • patterns that prevent showing up to write,
  • the need for everything to be perfect….
  • and so on.

Looking forward to the next full moon, I want to look back and see….

  • I showed up to every workout
    (on the water and 3 days a week in the gym),
  • Be kinder to my wife.
  • Manifest patience, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, and love.
  • Hit my word count goals every day.
  • Have the main project (draft 1 complete) and
  • am in the process of revising it…..
  • etc.

Fill up both sheets throughout the day.

Wait for darkness to settle.

I like to use sage, palo alto, a stick of incense, a bowl, and a candle. Take everything outside into the moonlight.Place both sheets of paper out to soak in moon beams.

Light the candle, sage, palo alto, and incense. Sit still. When I feel the time is right…

Pick up Things to Release. Hold the paper over the candle. Let it burn into the bowl.

After the paper turns to ash, no ambers; brush the bowl out into your yard.

Sit still. When I feel the time feels right…

Pick up Things to Manifest. Hold the page over the candle. Let it burn in the bowl.

Take those ashes and put them in my rose bush. I do that to let them gain roots and grow. Seems kooky.

But, that’s what I’m going to do tonight.

Stuff like this helps me focus.

You can create your own ritual. Borrow from mine. Or not.

Life is a choose your own adventure.

Choose wisely my friends.

Hope this helps.

Love Your Face!


PS. Stay safe out there.

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