FYI: Nothing is broken.

FYI: Nothing Is Broken.

Not you. Society. The Planet.

None of it.

The rules that govern human behavior and the rules that govern the Universe are very different.

Relax. I know. “Laws of the Universe” here we go again….

I get it. Any of my friends will tell you I have an affinity towards woo woo ideas.

My dad used to tell everyone:

“That boy ain’t right!”

For the longest time it hurt.

Then I realized, being “right” as he put it, just wasn’t right for me.

What people think is is right…

The way most people treat their family and friends…

How complete strangers interact in public spaces…

I’d rather be wrong.

The way each and every one of us shows up to life matters.

Each moment.

Each day can make a significant impact on you, and send a ripple through time via the connections you share with other people.

And each day might impact you in countless ways. 

Interacting with one another helps us grow in surprising directions. 

The problem is, no one taught us how to do this consciously.

It seems nearly impossible to remain open. 

You have to stay “open” in order to allow your full potential to express itself through you. 

The way it does is weird. It’s easy to misinterpret the internal signals. 

We get distracted by the rich emotional pallet we possess. 

It’s easy to get lost in the noise of living. Confused about who you are, what you can do, and what how the world really works. 

Especially today. 

And it’s not about to get easier. 

Technology is exponentially growing.

(more on that later. It’s why you need to figure this stuff out now, before you have to play catchup.)

The real problem… as I see it,  is most of us are afraid to show anyone…

…even our family our true nature.


Back up.

A few sentences ago, I stated that “No one Taught Us to Consciously Evolve through out interactions with one another.”

That’s not completely accurate.

Countless People throughout history have tried teach this stuff. 

Plato talked about shadows on a cave. 

Stoics spoke of ways to tame the animal nature. 

The Torah.

The New Testament.

And several that followed.

You have the modern age of self help starting in the 20s and evolving til today.

All the way through history, teachers in every age have discussed the same basic principles with a twist or two to match the times.

The problem the stuff they teach you in the self-help, fitness, or financial training courses and books…

…the principles are there…

The strategies are sound.

And they still don’t work for everyone!

Why is that?

Are these people all scumbag snake oil salesmen?

I suspect not. 

I’ve met my fair share of gurus in all of those fields and they’re mostly very sincere and caring people.

Some of them are con-men…

Others use conman tactics to sell you. They believe that what you learn from them will change your life in positive and magical ways.

I believe this stuff will do that as well.

If I’m right about you, I think you can change the world.

Let’s see if I’m right. 

You already have all the tools you need.

Inside you are all the answers to solve your problems.


As long as you’re focused on the NEXT STEP and you’re not trying to figure out every step after that.

When you figure out how to tap into your own internal guidance system, and fully engage with your life, things will transform almost before your eyes.

And it’s drop dead simple.

….not easy…


And it goes something like this.

  • Start Where You Are
  • Know “Who” You Want to Really Be
  • Define Clearly What You Really Want.
  • Build a Map Backwards from There to Here
  • Schedule Appropriately.
  • Show Up
  • Put in Work
  • Rest
  • Repeat

Simple enough… 

This isn’t new.

So, why do you think it’s so hard to get past a certain point in life or business?

Why do you think, with all these strategies that will work, is it so difficult to stick with the program?

Most people will fall into one of two camps

The First Camp: The program is broken — I am broken.

If the program works for one guy and it doesn’t work for you, it’s might make you feel defective.

“It works if you work it” might ring true.

But if you try to “Work it” on a level you’ve not earned, you’ll fail. Plain and Simple. It works like that in every aspect of your life. 

What do I mean by that?

Let’s use surfing as our metaphor.

As a surfer, accurately accessing your skill level is the difference between life and death. 

Certain waves require certain skills.

Some waves require you to be able to hold your breath nearly 4 minutes. 

We won’t even get into lineup rules.

which wave to be on, where to be in the lineup can be a life and death decision. 

If you’re just starting out, it’s a really good idea to get in the whitewash.

You just push the board, jump on it and belly ride it a little so you body gets a feel for how the board moves.

Progress to your knees, then you try to stand up… all in the whitewash before heading out near the other surfers.

Imagine being at that level.

Would you want to paddle out with pro-surfers on double overhead waves in shallow shark infested water?


You gotta have a really good assessment of your own skill level and surf where you’re least likely to die.

Feel me?

So, that’s the first step really.

Know who you are.

I’ll walk you through some exercises to help as we move along. 

Decision time. 

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