How Can I Stay Positive When Everything Is Crap?

Little did I know that my newly found philosophy, tat tvam asi (translated to thou art that) would really be what would release me from myself.

From mid 2005 to late 2008 I devoured information. I watched documentaries, read books on the law of attraction and took courses that promised to make me a better man. Every free self-improvement book was downloaded and read. My email account received newsletters from every internet marketer selling “secrets” to success. I tried just about everything, but eventually my mind came back to Thou art that.

If you get nothing else out of what I write in these blogs, you will already be light years ahead of the game.

The essential meaning of Tat Tvam Asi is that the essence of the universe is present in all things; that process of creation from which you came. It is the essence of all; some call it God. There is no (you) without that (God).

The universe is a macrocosm of the individual. Everything that happens in your inner world happens in the outer world.

The question then becomes do your inner thoughts and feelings create the world or just your interpretation of it?

I believe the answer is yes, to some degree.

We are each co-creators of reality.  Our thoughts and emotions create the manner in which we interpret and interact with the world around us. Therefore reality hinges on the thoughts desires and emotions of each and every one of us.

You are a ripple effect.

When you observe any object, person or event, your interpretation thereof says as much about YOU as it does about it/them.

I quit watching the News in 1997.  I now scan articles once a day to stay informed.  But, I don’t know how people can see all the goes on in the world and not start to question the meaning of all of this or if God even exists.

War, famine, economic collapse, and countless other crappy things take place in our daily lives.  It’s enough to make you want to throw your hands up and say “There is no point to this!”

Look out there, see what’s wrong? How can we fix it? It all starts with YOU and ME.

Take poverty and starvation for example. Lack doesn’t seem be part of the chaos we call Universe. Energy moves through space/time and transmutes accordingly.  Recently, I read an article that even the things I do in this lifetime has a dramatic affect on the genetic code.  Apparently when my body experiences something to which it has to adapt a change in the DNA I’ll pass on to my children takes place.  How cool is that?

Darwin observed that animals adapt to their environment through generations.  It seems easier to adapt than to compete for limited resources.  Humans should take note of that. I wonder; is it the will of the species or the environment at work in all of this?  I mean the ecosystem is fragile. Each animal plays a role.  Population of both plant and animal is a delicate balance.  Did you know that because no little rodents existed on the Galapagos Islands that a species of flightless birds evolved.  Without those birds, the ecosystem would have failed.

This world of ours is truly magical.  If you  see it as anything less; you’re reading the right blog. My mission in life is to help people realize the magic of their own existence.

Now, back to poverty.

I spend some days where I am very conscious of lack.  I live in a one bedroom apartment.  I tend a bar. I have debt on credit cards, student loans, etc.

My output of cash sometimes exceeds the income. All of this triggers anxiety in me.  Sometimes it keeps me up at night; this feeling of not being enough and in turn not having enough. I’ve struggled with that feeling much of my life.  There it is.  That’s the beginning of poverty for all of humanity. The feeling of not enoughness. (yeah…I made up my own word; what?)

I help perpetuate that “not enough” vibe any time I allow my mind to sit in worry.  The funny thing is, that’s just a story in my mind.

It’s just an illusion.  Well, I could use a bit more money and love.  Who couldn’t?  But, those things are a result of my actions, which have been a result of my thoughts, which could be changed.

First I have to identify the problem.  Second I have to identify possible solutions.  I say possible because it’s difficult to find a solution with the same mind that created the problem.  So, that’s why I suggest to people to make a big list of solutions, pick one, try it out; if it doesn’t work then move on to the next one.

Remember, whatever you observe; You are that.

If you’re watching the news and see something that enrages you then I say GOOD! Use it. Take time to contemplate the qualities you observe in other people that piss you off.  Now look at yourself.  Do you have those qualities?  Yes, you do.

So please, spend time cultivating the qualities you’d like to see in other people.  Heal the very qualities within yourself that project rage, anger and frustration into the world. Let the rest of us do the same.

Try to get past the idea of good or bad; all things just are.

It’s up to each of us to be conscientious of the energy we project.

Terrorism really starts with each and every one of us. I can’t count the number of times I’ve envisioned inflicting bodily harm on another person. I think last night I may have verbally attacked two people at work.

It serves no purpose to continue to point the finger at the war mongers and psychopaths of the world.  You are better served placing your attention on great men and women, doing great things in this world. And you’re best served by placing your attention on you and allowing yourself to become the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

I sometimes forget that I am one source from which hatred springs.

My hope is to become the source of unconditional love, and for you to become the same.

Stay positive my friends.

You CAN change the world, but change starts with you.

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Hi, I'm Tim McAuley the founder of Soul Surfer School where I help people learn how to get out of their own way so they can create the life they deserve by sharing proven techniques to create better habits so they can do the work to actually deserve the life of their dreams.

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