Let Love Be Your Key

 It’s not always easy.

Sometimes you think the cards are stacked against you; life’s a cosmic conspiracy and the joke is on you.

Every step forward pushes you two steps back. Panic ensues. You frantically search to gain control. You try to find your way through, and stack the deck in your favor.

You can learn all the new shiny tricks you want. It won’t help you get what you’re after. That’s a distraction; part of the game.

As hokey as it sounds, I want you to focus inward on love today.

Find it deep down in your core. Let love live through you. Bring it to everything that you do.

Obligation is the killer of Joy.

Here’s some irony…

Most of things that stress you out, are of your own choosing.

You chose your work. You chose your path. You chose what you would say yes to and you chose not to say no more often.

Now buck up. Put on your big kid panties. Choose better.

Choose Love First.

The kind of love I’m talking about today is what the Greeks called Agape; a self-emptying love.

Empty of self sounds scary. It’s not. What’s scary is the thought of another five years where you let your convoluted sense of self run around all willy-nilly making decisions based on emotions that are based on lies.

Yes. Your inner voice is still a liar. And it needs a hug.

Choose to clear your mind. Empty. Be Self-less.

Breathe slowly. Your life has its own rhythm. Quiet your mind and you will begin to feel it.

Dance your own dance with balance and grace.

You know how the saying goes:

Dance like nobody’s watching.


Learn to Dance in the Rain.

…or a combination thereof.

Sounds pretty cliche. But, cliches exist for a reason. Most of them make sense. Don’t overlook the power in today’s message.

It’s important for you to get this.

Be more mindful of those moments when you huff and puff about things that need to be done.

Choose to start close to home.

There are a few people near and dear to you. Stop treating them like they’ll live forever. They won’t.

Remind yourself daily how fragile, precious and rare life is. Remember that you and your loved ones are ONE and 400Trillion; the rarest things to ever manifest into being. And any of you could be gone in a split second.

Be mindful of your reactions.

Look out for times when you feel obligated. Breathe. Witness that reaction. Gain clarity to why it’s there.

Forgive what needs forgiving.

Let go of the past. Be present. Be honored to serve the people you love.

Set better priorities.

A lot of that feeling of obligation stems from a sense of overwhelm.

Remember your mission is to Overcome Overwhelm and Help Change the World.

And that’s why I want you to scale down your focus, remove options from your life, and create better systems and routines so that you can create a life that you love.

You’ll get there quicker if you focus on love now.

Sounds hokey. I know. Try it out for 30 days.

Wake Up. Be Clear. Choose Love First.

Then prioritize your day.

If you don’t love it. Don’t do it. If you have to do it, bring love with you.

Simple as that.

Carry on.

Talk to you Next Week.


Your Future Self.


PS. If you just read this, please note: this series is the result of my morning ritual. These are notes to me, what I need to work on. Some people find them useful.


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Hi, I'm Tim McAuley the founder of Soul Surfer School where I help people learn how to get out of their own way so they can create the life they deserve by sharing proven techniques to create better habits so they can do the work to actually deserve the life of their dreams.

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