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Today, I’m writing to you.

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I need you to stop getting so caught up in the future; it paralyzes  you, and has for years.

You say you want to experience a certain lifestyle, and you’re not doing much to make it happen.

Yeah, you stay busy.

But, if you really look at the past couple of weeks, and you’re honest, I think you can see your actions don’t support your vision.

Maybe the way you visualize the outcome makes you anxious because you are faced with the grim realization that “You’re just not there yet.”

You start to feel like a failure and you ignore all of the successes in your life.

The pressure builds and then when you’re in a stressful situation you tend to vent far too much frustration on people who don’t deserve it.

Don’t get me wrong, I want you to keep your “Big Harry Audacious Goal.”

It’s good to dream.

It’s also good to feel a little uncomfortable, but you may find it more helpful to rein it a bit.

Pull back and come back to reality.

Be Here Now.

You can’t actually go from your current state of affairs and create the life you desire in an instant.

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You must build it (your life) with continual, consistent, effort and action.

There may be some skills you require, so it will prove more useful to focus your attention there.

It’s a catch 22; desires will drive you “there”, but at the same time those desires could drive you insane.

Do yourself a favor.

Take a break.

Relax as much as you possibly can and allow yourself to begin again.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

It’s easy to allow your mind to be somewhere other than the present moment.

Stay in the Present moment.But, you have to stop that shit now.

You know better.

You’ve been doing this life thing for a while now.

Can you remember back to a moment where you were immersed in the present and everything unfolded with a sense of ease?

You faced challenges, but you handled them with grace.

I need you to find that grace today.

There are so many things that require our attention right now; things in this world that need your efforts and energy.

Please let me remind you of one more thing.

You have nothing to prove.

Stop trying to keep up with or compete.

You don’t need to become anything other than you; the real You, the authentic, kind and loving you.

For that to happen, you need to forget who you were.

Let go of your history. Be open. Be free.

Be magical.

Because, you my friend, are magic unfolding in space/time.

Your DNA has been passed down through the millennia to a singular point in human history.


The moments of your life have helped form you, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a prisoner of the past.

It’s time to let go of your past.

Call up your past. Tell it you’re ready to move on. Thank it for getting you here.


Because, some of the reactions you have to life that aren’t helpful to you, and are hurtful to other people.

Those reactions were learned along your journey. You can learn a better way.

It’ll take just a little time to change those reactions, but it’ll make all the difference in the world.

Sit and think about what you really want, and see if you even feel like it’s possible.

If you don’t feel that it’s possible, the likelihood of making it happen is slim.

So please check in with your dreams. Make sure that you believe they are possible, and that they are possible for you.

Don’t let your beliefs limit you,  stifle you, and create a sense of angst in you.

Create New Beliefs

Learn to retell the story of you.

Be very clear on the way that you see yourself. Shift those negative beliefs into positive.

Cultivate and build a better self image.

You can start to make the inner shift today, by understanding a few things;

1. You are lovable and you belong here.

If you’re interested in making changes in your life start there, and then it really just boils down to stress management.

The part of your brain that remembers is in an area that is in charge of survival (the limbic system).

But, things may have been recorded wrong.

2. Your thoughts are streams of consciousness converged into the present moment.

As you sense and feel your way through each day thoughts pop up in reference to some sort of stimuli near you.

You don’t have to make sense of every thought in your head.

It will prove more useful for you to become the watcher of your thoughts.

That takes a level of detachment that comes from daily practice.

You can’t just read about it.

You have to do it.

Sit still.

Learn to Be Still so you can create the life of your dreamsFocus on your breath as it goes in and out of your body.

Count the breath in 1, the breath out 2, the breath in 3 all the way to 10 and return to 1.

You can do this a few minutes every hour or so.

It’s more effective to practice this for 30 minutes or more.

But, I know that is a challenge to sit for 30 minutes and just be still.

Please accept that challenge; it’ll change your whole experience of this world.

The practice of stillness will help you develop the sense of “wholeness” that you seek.

I know you think you have to be doing something all the time, but the things you’ve been doing are not productive.

You’re just keeping yourself busy for the sake of being busy.

Again, you can choose a better way.

You have those hopes and dreams.

You wrote out your “Perfect Day Scenario.”

There are certain actions that if you take them daily you’ll almost be guaranteed success.

Do you have “the actions to take daily” written out?

If not, please re-write them all today.

Go through each area of your life and see where it is you can take more effective actions today.

List the habits that you must complete daily in the following areas;


Be Still.

Be Present.

Cultivate your sense of Connection and deep reverence for life.

Be Love.


Get at least 45 minutes of movement per day

Activities such as bodyweight exercises, running, paddling, surfing, yoga, pilates, and weight lifting are all very effective in producing all the results you desire.

Be balanced in your choices.

Drink plenty of water.

Use your juicer, and eat a balanced nutrient rich diet (moderation seems to be the best way to go).


You have a budget, stick to it.

Invest wisely each month in yourself and in your future.

Make sure you have both a charity fund and a purely selfish fund.

But, put most of your focus on ways to increase your income.


Practice your craft every day.

In time you will produce the results you’re seeking.

Be consistent.

Learn from your mistakes.

Bounce back quickly.


Spend time each day educating yourself on effective ways to reach a goal in at least one area of your life.


As you practice being mindful of the present moment your relationships will take on a new texture.

As you practice proper management of stress through breathing, time management, exercise and a balanced diet you’ll be able to be more present, kind and loving in your relationships.

The Key word here is practice.

If you want to be completely present for people in your life, you need to start doing things a little differently.

Being fully present in your own life is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

You’ll most likely have to adjust the way you spend time.

I’m sure you can find the time to work on c0-creating your dream if you’re honest with yourself.

Just like walking; you just have to put one foot in front of the other.

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Just do what you can today.

Remember, in just about anything you do, you have to work on the fundamentals first.

After you know what it is you want in each area of your life, and you have a list of daily activities your next step is to create the daily habit.

Start slowly; set yourself up for success.

Set up your “Me-Time” throughout each day and bring your mind to focus deeply and intently on that time.

The more effective you are at being present and doing each small task in a great way, the more joy and fulfillment you will create in your life.

Gratitude is easy; practice it daily in everything you do especially the things you don’t actually want to do.

It doesn’t serve you to take action that you don’t actually love, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Sometimes life just works out that way.

So the quickest way to change your situation is to change the way you respond to your situation.

Changing the way you respond will help you to look for something to enjoy about your current circumstance.

It’s not always possible. But, in most cases it is. Try it out for two weeks and see.

Frustration is not getting you anywhere, and its making you miss some really precious moments.

Learn to bring yourself back to your breath in even the most stressful of moments.

It may sound silly, but look for reasons to smile.

Love is all around you.Look for reasons to be in awe of the world around you. There are plenty. Find them.

The act of smiling changes your brain chemistry and elevates your mood.

You can become slightly happier by faking a smile long enough.

Look for Love wherever you go.

It’s there. I promise. It’s in the eyes of children, the wagging of a dog’s tail, and the gaze of lovers.

When you’re out and about, play a game where you count the number of times you saw love exchanged.

I think you’ll be surprised about the amount of love that surrounds you each day.

Look for beauty as well.

It’s all around you.

The way the trees dance in the wind, the engineering and architecture of your city or town, the diversity of life on this planet, the sunrise and sunset that mark each day and so much more.

Beauty is abundant on this planet.

Be in Awe.

Find Beauty All Around YouI know you want so very badly to be successful, to be happy and fulfilled.

I know you want to be loved.

And I know that you have it in your brain that in order to be happy you need to “Be, Have, Do_________.”

You’re wrong.

Life unfolds in a series of success; some disguised as failure and loss.

You don’t have to be more, create more and have more to be worthy of Love.

You only have to allow more.

Allow yourself to be present.

Allow yourself to make better decisions.

Allow yourself the experience of the present moment.

Allow yourself to relax; find a sense of flow and ease.

Allow yourself a dream; but remember to allow yourself action.

Allow yourself a sense of freedom; where love flows from the core of your being into everything you do.

Know the difference between real threats and imagined.

It’s tricky to walk through life aware of the real dangers yet, unafraid of looking foolish, but it’s well worth it.

The stories you make up about tomorrow, the next day and the year after that are just stories.

You get to be the author of those stories. Choose the details that make you smile. Leave out the stuff that brings you angst.

From this moment forward, I want you to connect deeply with the world in which you are a part; Love yourself and love your neighbor.

Be Free.