Dear friend,

You were brought to this page for a reason.

You might be a friend of someone working with me, and they suggested that you reach out to me so I could help you get to where you want to be.

Your friend must think some or all of these things about you:

  • You are an action taker; a go getter. But, sometimes you get tunnel vision on the “prize” and forget about the journey.
  • You are an outside the box thinker; maybe even a bit of a visionary.
  • You have an open mind; and are craving some sort of change in your life. Maybe you reached a certain level of success in your business and want to create more income without upsetting your lifestyle too much.
  • You are a lifelong learner. Whatever it is you want to learn you go after it. You read the books. Take the courses. And implement what you need to in order to achieve the results you desire. You might be an information and self-improvement junkie.
  • You work hard to heal your past and enjoy a certain level of success, but crave more, and you know that there is a deeper level… a next level for you.
  • You believe in human potential and you’re not convinced that there is a limit, even though you’ve reached a certain point and can’t seem to get past it.
  • You don’t want to hear some woo woo BS, and you’re sick of cultish Self-help magic buttons.
  • You are the type of guy that embraces the future; You have big goals and high ambitions. You crave impact. You want to do something that helps a LOT of people. You have some great ideas, but you’re not completely sure what to focus on next.
  • You Really Want to be more present with the people you love, but can’t shut it down to be with them, because the draw of building a better business and creating more impact is on your mind all the time.
  • You hustled your face off and finally found a work-life balance and don’t want to lose it to pursue this new dream of yours.

If that sounds about right, you may want to check out what’s inside of Soul Surfer School.

Your friend sent you here because he thinks you are capable of having it all, and knows how much Soul Surfer School has helped him get to his next level.

Or maybe you noticed their recent transformation and asked what they’d been doing lately?

Maybe you heard his wife talk about how amazing he’s been since working with me.

Whatever brought you here, you’re here, let’s see if we can help you move the needle in the right direction.

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