Partner with me and I’ll help you create the life of your dreams…

All of it.
(relationships, body/mind, finances). 

That’s a pretty wild claim, typical of the internet these days, don’t you think? 

Especially in today’s climate where anyone can call themselves and “expert”….

….or worse a “life coach”.

I’m not here to sell you some hand me down, theoretical system that opens up a third dimension where unicorns fart rainbows and every wish granted.


Why would I make such a big bold claim like that anyhow?

Because I can demonstrate this ability to you right now.

Here’s what’s up….

Every so often I partner up with a few people who’ve reached a certain point in their life where things just seem to bottleneck. 

They reached a certain level of success by brute force and sheer determination, and built what they thought would be the perfect life for them, and it somehow feels like they’re drowning a little.

They crave bigger impact, but they’re constantly dealing with someone else’s priorities….. putting out fires….. Trying to keep their cool at work sucks them dry and carries into their personal lives.

It either feels like it’s all unraveling.
You just want to burn it all to the ground and walk away.

You keep putting on a happy face while feeling like you’re ready to explode.

When you hit that wall, you do whatever it was that got you to where you are today, and the cycle feeds itself.

People I’ve partnered with in the past LOVE to research answers and buy educational products, courses, and programs. They’ve attended countless events, workshops, and seminars. They’re the masters at taking master classes.

They’re overqualified for the business roll they’re in, they envision a number of viable alternatives, but they just can’t seem to make any forward progress.

I show them how to press pause and get out of their own way.

I show them how to find their flow.


I’m super selective about who I will partner.

So selective that I’ve only taken on 4 private clients this past year. 

(My mentor says I’m far too selective and that I’m leaving a LOT of cash on the table by not taking on more people.

Actually… he says… Stop Being a Little Bitch and Enroll 30 people this month…

But, I don’t care.

I’m only taking on clients that I am 100% certain that the Soul Surfer School approach will bring out the best in them in all the areas of their life.)


Check out what the first client that enrolled in the 2018 version of Soul Surfer School (it’s evolved since then). 

This all stared innocently enough with a phone call to Mike.

I had no intention on bringing back my coaching business from the ashes of time.

After a few months of grieving the death of my father, I started to practice my own process to get out of my head and into flow. I reached out to people on Facebook to reconnect. Just friends catching up, sharing stories, no agenda.

Even though we barely knew each other…

Mike and I met at weekend emotional intelligence workshop in Columbus Ohio in 2014 and maybe chatted two or three time until summer of 2018.

During our conversation he voiced some frustration about the “dream life” he’d built for himself.

Can’t get into details there (confidentiality and all)…

The gist of it…

I suspected that with my background in coaching, counseling, and mentorship, along with my understanding of business and cashflow, I could help him double his income and install a few simple tweaks in his schedule to give him the mental bandwidth to think straight again.

He accepted my invitation to a coaching session.

An hour later, he had more cashflow, and I invited him to continue with me on a weekly basis for a while.

He agreed.

About Seven weeks into the process he dropped a bomb on me.

His wife sent a message to me to get over being a bartender and enroll more people into Soul Surfer School.

Apparently, Mike has invested in a number of top Programs to learn how to run a Highly Effective Marketing Agency.

He’s also done a LOT Self-Development programs, workshops, and coaching as well.

According to Mrs. Mike…

Nothing has ever worked this well to bring out the man she always knew he could be, and the way I saw him all along.

It’s like you taught him to get out of his own way and just be his most amazing self.

I almost didn’t continue.

Then a few other people reached out and I helped them too.

Similar feedback from Family.

I help people adjust living and business systems so they can Get Out of Their Own Way and form deeper connections with “self” and others, while making more money.

My clients have much more impressive resume’s than I.

They’re more certified, credentialed, and they’re much more Type-A (assertive, action takers) than me as well.

But, when they get so stuck they can’t make any forward momentum they need to learn the skills that come naturally to me.

What The Hell Does This Have To Do With You?

Simple: If you qualify, I want to turn you into my next success story.

Naturally, I only want to work with people who I know, without a doubt, I can help bridge the gaps and create flow in all the areas of their life.

The reason it’s so important is that my clients crave Impact, Meaning, and Most of All Connection in their lives.

A greater potential lies dormant in you, and when unlocked I believe you can change the world.

And that’s my mission.

If working with me doesn’t help you get out of your own way and leverage yourself to your next level and beyond, I can’t make these crazy claims without looking like a jerk….

..or worse

… a scammy life coach.

Second, if you don’t have the burning desire to make a difference in the lives of people, and don’t believe you can actually change the world, I’m not going to be as effective in guiding you.

The criteria to qualify to work with me is steep and comes with a commitment of time, money, and energy, but you WILL find your flow in relationships, business, and health.

I absolutely guarantee it.

Here’s Who I’m Looking For

You need 4 Simple Qualities:

Quality 1: You gotta have a modicum of self-awareness. You have to be able to look in the mirror and know that you can transform your life and the world around you.

Quality 2: You gotta have a financial cushion and be in control of your own financial decisions. It ain’t cheap to partner with me. And when you make this kind of investment, the return of money might not be instant. If you need a quick ROI, this isn’t for you.

Quality 3: You gotta have a willingness and ability to implement suggestions even if you think you’ve already done that before. Just because you’ve done something before and it didn’t work then, doesn’t mean it won’t work. I can only guide you through discovery if you take action.

Quality 4: You gotta have relative control over your schedule and the ability to shift things around so we can together build the work/life balance that will bring out a fuller expression of you at home and in your dream project.

If you’ve got these, then let’s talk.

Here’s How Much It Cost.


Here’s why.

It’s math really.

Some people who fit all the criteria above and book a call are actually ready for transformation and enroll in a partnership with me.

They pay good money to have me coach them through this thing I call Soul Surfer School, so I’m more than okay offering a session or two for you.

If you feel like you want me on your team, and I feel inspired by your mission, we’ll discussion how that works at that time.

Either way, I am open and willing to help you.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

You have a few options at this point.

Option 1: Fast Track To Transformation

Book a call with me.

I put together a page to help walk you through how to pick a time for a call and then redirect you to a pre-call questionnaire for you to fill out. Click this link to book that call.

If it’s not the right time to book a call. I still want to help you find your flow, and you can book a call with me whenever you think you’re ready for real transformation.

If you’re not ready to apply for working with me you have two options left…

Option 2: Free Guidance, Programs, and Transformational Trainings

Click this link to read about why it’s so very important for you to slow down and look around in 2019 and have a vision to guide you through the years to come.

You’ll get a guided meditation before you even give me an email, and if you want to get on the Soul Surfer School free Email Program, you can sign up somewhere on that page I think.

Option Three. Click off of this website.

Keep doing whatever you were doing before you ended up reading all of that stuff.

You’ll be fine on your own. You know what to do and what’s standing in your way. Good luck and enjoy the journey.

Come back when you’re ready to transform your life and you think I can help you.

Thank you for your time.

Love your face!

Hope this helps.


PS Please know that because of the unique nature of this process, I only invite a small number of people to partner with me. No more than 8 per month.

And on 10/17/19 I will evaluate my prices based on feedback. My current clients think I should double them at the least. So that’s most likely what I’ll consider in October.

Book your consultation call and apply to have me as your partner now.