Don’t Let Your Personal Growth Goals Confuse You

Personal Growth Goals

You’ve come a long way in the past five years.

Life has had it’s ups and downs.

Lovers came and went. People you loved with all of your heart passed on, back into the void.

You had big aspirations and dreams.

You won some. You lost some. You failed a little. You succeeded here and there.

It’s been a long strange trip indeed. So many things happened that were completely out of your control. Your path from there to here was anything but a straight line.

And yet, I’m telling you that…

A lot of what you see today is of your own making.

Your thoughts and actions over the past few years co-created your life as it is today. As you move forward from this moment, be mindful of your thoughts and actions; they matter.

Stay on point. Stay focused on the task at hand. Stay calm.

Don’t let your stream of consciousness drown you in fear or regret. 

Your past is what it is. Your future is what you make it. Don’t visit either often.

Be present. Be honest with where you are and the actions you take on a daily basis. Improve your actions with tiny tweaks, day by day.

Don’t get too caught up in the if-thens and maybes.

I don’t want you to look back five years from today and be off the mark.

Your dream hasn’t changed. At its core your vision is nearly identical to the one you had this day five years ago. Same personal growth goals. Same wants. Same desires.

I want you to escape the same ole’ same ole’.

Decide: Right here. Right Now. You live life differently.

No more shiny objects. No more excuses. No more wasted days. No more beating yourself up. No more stressing yourself out. No more doubt. No more fear. No more non-sense.

It’s time to hyper-narrow your focus.

Get meta in Each Area of Your Life.

Find the core principles. Master them. Practice daily.

Know your limits. Work within your own frameworks and slowly move the line. Push your limits by ONE to FOUR percent at a time until you find your zone.

Remember this: Your Goal is not the Goal it’s just the furthest milestone you fathom.

Your real goal is to master yourself. Tame your inner critic. Practice for the sake of practice.

Be happy. Be free. Do good work.

Talk to you on Wednesday,
Your Future Self


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