Screaming into the Void

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1,144 Miles SW of the
Guernsey County Line
Saturday, June 20, 2020 (05:45 am)

Dear friend, (hi mom)

Funny thing. 

Just as I started to type.

Ziggy Marley came on Pandora.

Three Little Birds flitter from the speakers on our TV. 

It’s funny because it this is my message to you ooo ooo. 

Don’t worry….
…. about a thing. 

Harder said than done lately. 

Am I right? 

2020 has been pretty nutty. Strange. A little bit chaotic. 

If you let it…

Life will always pull you into a million different directions. 

When it feels like that, it’s helpful for me to zoom out a little. 

Get a little perspective. 

Press Pause. 

Pay attention to what has my attention. 

Notice what doesn’t. 

It’s interesting. 

You can spend your whole life worrying about things that 
don’t matter, ignoring the things that do, and wondering 
if/when it will get any better.

It’s madness. 

But, it’s natural. 

Kind of baked into the operating system. 

Wired into the code of humanity. 

Part of our collective unconscious. 

It’s easy to scream into the void. 

Rage is intoxicating. Its impotence feels powerful. 
And we all crave a little power now and then. 

It’s hard to stare into the void. Scary to swim into the
abyss dive deep in that void and touch that part you like 
to protect so much. The Real Self. 

The part hidden under that shell. Protected from all of
them. Wishing it could be seen. 

Opening up hurts a little. 

Love overwhelms. It feels so unnatural to be open. Kind. 


Look around, not too many people are doing that. 

It’s so much easier to reach for the phone. 

Go to Twitter. Discover why you should be outraged. 

Then get on InstaFace and tell them how you really feel. 
(that’s what I discovered when I started to pay attention)

So, I logged off, and tuned in.

When you do, you’ll realize. 

Life is a Feedback Loop.

You can take control. 

Of the feedback loop. Life itself, not so much. It has a 
mind of its own. 

If you do tune in, you’ll find all that you need.

In the abyss. Deep in the void. Under that mask. 

In through the pain. Past the forest of shadows. Down 
the road of trial and error, you will find the unconditional 

It’s in you. And it really wants out. Please let it out. 

Deeper still. 

Past the distractions and temptations. Just past the bottom 
of the pit of despair. You will discover for yourself, that 
there is no actual gate keeper. 

The door has been open all this time. 

No dragons gurading it. 

Nothign to fear. 

…………..Let me repeat that part. 


You have permission to be you. 

Validation and worth are your birthright. 

You have nothing to prove. 

No where to be other than where you are. 

Show up and do the work of the person you are capable 
of being. 

You have the power to transform. 

Pay attention.

Be decisive. Show up. See what happens.

Pay attenion. Make a choice. See where it leads you.

You’re on a magical mystery ride. A choose your own adventure. 

You’re the hero in this story. I encourage you to act like it now. 

But, I have to warn you. When you find this part of you. Nothing changes. Your world is the same. You’ll want to escape in your mind, and remove yourself from society. 

Don’t. That’s a trick. You have work to do. 

We all do. (have work)

It’s our own.

We find it by diving into the void, snatching it up, and dragging it through the abyss, back home. 

Bit by bit. 

Your work is yours. Mine is mine. Theirs is theirs. 

The world needs you.

The real you.

Now, more than ever. 

Don’t worry about a thing.

You can return to that void as often as you needed.

Daily. More than once. Go down deep. Grab something and bring it back with you. 

Get on with with living the life you deserve.

Be who you’ve always wanted to be. Do the work you’re called to do. And do it well. 

Find a balance. (Spiritual/material). 

Be free.

Be here.


On time. 

No regrets. No anticipation. No worries. 

You get to choose your own adventure here. 

Choose wisely my friend.

Choose wisely. ​​​

Hope this helps,

Love your face!


PS. You got this. We got this. Let’s get to work. 

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