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This isn’t the first time we’ve had this conversation.

You need to get over your need to be perfect.

It stops you from taking chances, makes you play small, and scares you into hiding.

Perfection ruins your life on a daily basis.

You need to own where you are….

Right now. Here today. And you need to stop comparing yourself to “the competition.”

You are unique so many ways, but at the same time you are not much different than everyone around you.

We all share the same needs. We all experience the same pains, same frustrations, same fears and disappointments; just from a different perspective.

The idea that we need to be perfect to be worthy of __________ really messes with too many of us.

You don’t need to be perfect. You need to be bold; connect with your inner sense of self, throw caution to the wind and oooch yourself forward in the direction you want to go.

Sit and think about different areas of your life that you would love to improve.

Look at what you want in each, and take ACTION!

But before you do, I want you to think about newborn children and how long it takes us to learn how to roll over, then crawl, then walk.

During that process is a series of failures that leads to success.

For the most part, life is always going to be that way.

So fail away!

Have fun with it.

I dare you to throw out the idea of perfection and risk looking foolish today.

Stop letting the idea of being perfect freeze you in your tracks.

Take imperfect action toward your goals, desires, and dreams.

Hope this helps.

Love your face!