Slow Down. You’ll Get There Faster.

Sometimes you just have to slow down, unplug, and unwind.
The stress you feel isn’t actually yours.

How to Go Slow to Get there Faster

It took a lot of pain for this idea to click into place for me.

My hope is, to help you realize how true this simple concept really is, and how to apply this principle along with a few others in your life.

I believe that we each can find our own rhythm, and are capable of creating a better tomorrow for ourselves and for the people around us.

Fear, anxiety, worry… stress… overwhelm rule our lives in very peculiar ways.

My dad passed away on April 17, 2018. A few weeks prior to his passing he demanded

“Get Out of Your Own Way”

That’s really what I’d stumbled into before Annette and I met.

Dad witnessed me transform and start showing up to life differently. Then, he saw me getting in my own head after she and I committed to one another.

Back in 2013, the summer before we met, I shared a single- wide trailer with Mikey. (my dad).

On my birthday that year, I kind of lost it. Turning 37, single and living in Ohio with my dad felt like a kick in the face. I went to the lake for some me time, and lost it.

After my meltdown, I realized something…

Somehow, I got trapped into thinking that some time in the future, I’d finally be happy. Which is a little ironic. My entire ethos is all about the art of savoring.

That day, I decided to scrap all the goals, stop trying to escape my shitty life, and live it to the fullest.

In the process, I created a “No Matter What” morning meditation and wrote notes from my future selves.

I tended bar a few nights a week, and the only two things were important to me that summer.

What time would I go stand up paddling at the lake…

….And hanging out with the old man.

Father’s Day Selfie 2013 we took for Melissa (my sissy).

One afternoon a Bald Eagle snatched fish out of the water just a few feet from my board and kind of pulled me out of my own narrative.

Ten magical minutes of just being. Nothing more. No thoughts of the future, regrets of the past.

Just being.

Each day after that moment, my intention was to practice holding that space.

Stand Up Paddling helped me day by day, week by week, feel more at ease with life.

Things started to make sense. All the books, programs, trainings, workshops, and webinars sort of blended together. Ideas had sex in my mind and idea babies emerged.

I got really clear on who I am, changed how I saw my own worthiness and lovability, and defined the type of future I desired (with or without a life partner).

In the process, some deeply held beliefs fell apart.

The more hours I spent on a paddle board, the more I felt like me.

Fast forward.



About a year into the role of Annette’s “Mr. Right”, I found the video below about slowing down to go faster. But, it wasn’t until a year after the old man passed away
that the concept made sense off the board.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I actually applied it on the board back then either.

I used to just go all out. Blind aggression and rage. And it never really worked out well for me, on the board, or in life.


Check out the “father of SUP” Dave Kalama explain it.

Obviously a metaphor.

For some reason, this video found it’s way into my brain file about Vipassana “Walking Meditation” that I learned at a 10 Day Mindfulness Retreat in 2012.

And in 2018, while revisiting the concept of slowing down to go faster, the blended together.

Today, slowing down is part of my daily routine.

I plan moments to Pause, and moments to move super slow mo. It’s probably pretty funny to watch, but it seems to help me clear my mind of tension and get things done.

It helps ensure that my anxiety doesn’t control the narrative.

And for the first time in my life, I feel like it’s okay to be me, here… now.

Nothing to prove.

Nowhere else to be.

These little breaks are my way of tuning into “Tim Time”.

Sometime you just need to remind yourself that you get to chose your next move. You don’t have to just blindly react. You actually don’t HAVE to do a damn thing.

Rushing through life is a huge problem.

In my opinion, overwhelm is an epidemic.

Too much information floods our systems and we just don’t know how to handle it. Everything is moving way too fast.




People are overwhelmed by life.

Maybe you feel it too, and that’s why you’re here.

Outrage is poured into every area of our lives.


At work.


Everywhere in between.

Frustration plagues our minds.

Everyone thinks it’s the worst of time, even though
statistics show it’s the best of times.

Read Enlightenment Now (aff. link) by Stephen Pinker to get a clearer picture of reality.

Here’s the deal with why overwhelm is boiling up now.

We Weren’t Built for This!

2019 and beyond are too much for our brain and bio-system.

We haven’t yet adapted, and technology is at the tip of the exponential curve. It’s only going to get more overwhelming!


Just a little over a hundred years ago, people traveled by foot or horseback. Today, we fly around the world, have high speed rails, and can drive 150mph if we choose.

In a few years, our cars will drive themselves.

Self Awareness Wasn’t Taught in School

Who am I to be teaching all of this stuff?


You probably shouldn’t listen to me.

I’m just a guy who has struggled with impulse controls, addictions, and self esteem who put together a fluid system of self development painstakingly over the
course of about 18 years.

To be honest, had I not sat with my father at the end of his life, I probably wouldn’t have done the actual work required to reset the system and find flow.

Here’s why I want you to slow down.

Look around.

The human mind is capable of some pretty amazing creations.

Everything you see around you was once just imagined.

None of this stuff was here 10,000 years ago.

And the future will evolve at a much faster rate.

I’m writing this today… it’s 2019.

And I firmly believe that overwhelm robs humanity of some beautiful transformations, because Genius locked inside the noise of our minds.

There are people who were born in situations that will make it nearly impossible for their own unique genius or potential to be realized.

Humanity faces some huge problems that need to be solved.

We have a bunch of smart and capable people working on these problems for us. But, we need more minds involved. And if some of us work towards a common vision, we can possibly help solve real, pervasive, endemic issues that affect us all.


If you don’t know this, Please Pay Attention.

Ray Kurzweil, the lead programmer for google, the reason you have siri and a LOT of other amazing tools wrote a timeline of predictions.

  • 147 predictions.
  • Written in the early 1990s.
  • Spanning to 2050.
  • And he’s been 87% Accurate.

Read that again.

Now Go look at what he predicted for 2020-2030.

We are at the dawn of the most
disruptive time in the history of mankind.

There are people on this planet who are building a better tomorrow.

And right now.

At this very moment.

There are no gatekeepers.

That means you can create almost any reality you desire, as long as you know which principles to apply at the level you are now to get you to the next level.

Once you get there, you’ll need to adjust your flow and apply some different principles to continue your growth.

Reality is, there are very few rules to living your best life.

And if you know the right principles to apply in your life you can be completely stinking rich, free, and happy.

I mean that.

My plan is to be a Billionaire by 2031.

Probably won’t happen.

I’m starting from the negative.

Stay with me, and I’ll show you how I’m doing it.

The reason I want to be a billionaire is because I believe in 2 Golden Rules.

One, we treat others how we feel inside, and we should treat other people how we want to be treated. (we all fail at this often).

The second Golden Rule…

The guy with the Gold Makes the Rules.

Who makes the rules in your life?

If you’re not financially free, it’s not you.

If that’s the case, slow down and pay attention.

Within 18 months, you can become financially free enough to make your own rules.

And within 5 years you might never have to work again.
(If that’s what you want, leave now.) I want to never “have to work” again, but there is a lot of work to be done.

If you’re just in this for you, then you’re missing the point here, just like I did in the past.

That’s all further down the road.

If you don’t learn to slow down, and you don’t develop a pause protocol in your life, you might still be able to do it, and have it all.

Hasn’t worked for me, but go for it.

If you’re still curious and think I might be on to something here, continue…

….Let’s get back to an easy way to press pause that won’t be some spiritual bypass that just helps you wear a better mask.

(Robert Greene has some interesting content about the mask)

We All Wear Masks


And therein lies the problem.

Most of us don’t really know who the hell we are.

I’m going to walk you through a weird breathing technique that’s designed to get you more in tunewith your sacral joint and activate your Vagus Nerve.
(and in turn, help you know yourself)

This isn’t something you do for a few minutes a day.

But, that’s where you’ll begin.

After you read through this, copy and paste the instructions somewhere and then carve out some time to do this.

I’ll even make it easier for you, by showing you where to find a guided meditation that’ll help you integrate your brain so you can stop worrying
all the time, and find your center again….

… or for the first time.

Let’s Demystify Meditation.

Like I said, I used to be the angry yoga guy.

Practiced every day, and within minutes of Shavasana, I’d be wondering around Venice Beach feeling afraid and alone again.

A few months ago I learned about the Vagus Nerve.

The breathing technique I’m going to share actually made sense enough for me to put it into daily practice.

Shavasana is now part of my afternoon ritual to reset my system and avoid the afternoon burnout…

… blowup and binge eating.

You don’t have to lay down to do the breathing part.

But, if you want to take it to a whole new level, then 30 minutes of complete stillness while practicing this technique could change your life.

I hope that helped a little.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pressing Pause, I created a follow up series designed to be daily lessons for you.

No Guarantee of Being One with the Universe and Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams, it’ll be weird at first, but I think you’ll dig it.

Check it out here.