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Dear Friend and Subscriber,

You have in your possession all that you require to create an amazing life.

Right now. You already have it. It is the MOST valuable thing in the known Universe.

Trillions of dollars a day are spent to siphon off just a little bit from you. The competition for yours is fierce. The largest companies, most successful, and profitable businesses in the world have are either brokers for it, or have won yours to a degree that you have no choice but to give it to them freely.

I’m talking about your attention.

Human attention the most sought after resource in the Universe.

Bar none.

You’re reading this on a device that didn’t exist 100 years ago, on a network that wasn’t even fathomable back then, and it got delivered by a system that still seems magical to me.

We live in a world of possibilities, and some people are able to harness the power of their attention and create amazing things.

You have that power in you too. We all do. But, when no one shows you how to train it properly, there’s a part of your brain that will hijack your attention every step of the way.

If yours is being stolen or hijacked, you’ll know.

It’s that feeling of being stuck. The frustration of waking up knowing exactly the right things to do, and going to bed with none of them done. You justify it all, by saying you were too busy….. or you just soothe yourself some other way.

These days, I prefer Ice Cream. It used to be hallucinogenics, booze, pills, and powders. Then it turned into sex, surfing, gambling, and self-improvement courses. In some form or another, I’ve been a bit of junkie since right around the age of 14 — sober since 2004.

A few years ago, grief grabbed my attention, and saved my life.

It was 2018. The loss of my Dad crushed me in just the right way. I looked around the world at the way we treat one another, the healthcare system, politics, sports, social media, TV, and it all kind of pissed me off.

Whenever I’d voice my concerns, someone would inevitably say…

“That’s just how it is.”

I’d think, but that’s not right, and we could just change it.

The more this happened, the more I realized, that it’s part of the human experience.

We crave a sense of normalcy. We’re tribal creatures, who first seek safety, and for our primitive brain we need a Status Quo. It’s important to know where we stand in the Universe.

But, it’s all bullshit. It’s made up. And there wasn’t even a committee where you or I got to decide on these rules that make up the Status Quo.

What’s worse…

Society is a reflection of the human condition. It’s a metaphor for each of us. Whatever you’re seeing out there is you, and that’s where real transformation of the entire system begins.

Enough is Enough — Something has to Change

I’m sick of “the way things are”. And even though things are better than any time in the history of mankind I believe we can do better.

I want to start a revolution.

I hope you join me.

First step.

Learn to Harness Your Attention.

I warn you, this will be a little painful.

You’re likely addicted to the “way things are” in your own life, even if you’re not happy about the results.

Any change, even if it’s good, is hard. The brain is designed that way. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s what you’re up against.

Right now…

Split Your “self” in Half

You have your authentic self and a shell of the person you could become.

That shell needs cracked a little.

We might have to shatter it, and consciously put it back together. Just know, it’s going to form up again and again and again. You’ll always have to keep cracking that shell, if you want to maximize and express your fuller potential.

Again, this won’t be easy. I want you to keep three things in mind as you move forward.

  1. Plan for Failure

    Failure isn’t optional — it’s the process. That’s how we learn. You can’t grow without it, or without pressure. Stop wishing it to be easier.

    We’ll make it easier by filtering out all the bullshit, and focusing on what matters.
  2. Know Your Enemy

    It’s you.

    The dragons that guard your future self, aren’t real, and neither is the “self” that you protect and project all day long. You gotta separate your Social Mask from your Authentic Self.

    (the Shell from the Core)

    Other enemies of mine are internet, social media, signing up for new courses (love of learning).

    Add to that lack of structure, discipline, and focus. (there’s more).
  3. Get Some Allies

    We’re social creatures, who crave connection, learn through empathy, and seek outside validation.

    Tread cautiously here. Validate yourself first, then seek Allies who are working towards the future you desire. Align yourself with people who are in the same fight as you, so they can call you out on your shit, inspire you, and so you can learn from one another.

Know this…

There are No Gate Keepers

Most of the rules we live by are breakable.

The time when you need permission to do big things is over. No one gets to decide if you’re allowed to do what’s in your heart. You can create whatever you want in life.

There’s just no guarantee that you’ll get rewarded for it. And you need to be okay with that. Just do the things, let the results speak for themselves.

If you do fail to “get” that thing you thought you deserve, then at that time, you’ll adjust as you go.

As a writer, recently, I realized that even though you follow an outline, the best stories kind of write themselves.

The part of you that plans, isn’t the part that does.

You have to get the part of you that plan out of the way long enough for the doing to flow through you.

Another word of caution.

The Rug Always Gets Pulled Out from Under You

You’ll run out of steam.

Momentum will die.

Prototypes will fail.

You’ll break your diet, miss a workout, or hit a wall.

That means you’re close. Keep going. You’re almost there.

When this happens, you will have to go to war with a part of yourself. And you’ll have to kill this part of you every single time. It never goes away.

Seriously, no matter what anyone tells you, that voice in your head… the negative one that says…. “you’re not good enough… what were you thinking… go back…. stop now…. eat cake!”…. it never goes away entirely.

It’s part of your shell.

Break Your Shell
Free Your Soul

Star with your attention. It’s everything. Protect it as if your life depends on it, because it really does.

Protect it like people are trying to steal it. They are, and they’re getting rich in the process.

Protect it like your family and everyone on the planet depends on it. They (we) do.

There’s something in you that craves expression. If you don’t do the hard work to allow it through you, the shell gets to call the shots. Everyone suffers. No one gets to meet the real you. And that’s a tragedy.

I know this all sounds scary, but it’s really fun once you get the hang of it.

We’ll talk more about the journey next week.

Unless you decide to email me, then we’ll talk sooner.

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Unless you decide to email me, then we’ll talk sooner.

Either way….

Love your face!


PS I shifted something about a month ago. Took control of my Attention, and implemented a new process. After sharing this process with one of my clients, he asked me if, when his contract is up, he could pay me for the year. Apparently, I’m on to something here, and I’m working through a rough draft of my next book (and a program) based on my upgraded process.

I’ll keep you posted.

Until next Saturday…

Stay Broken. Stay Stoked.

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