Test Your Assumptions

One of the key ingredients to change is belief.

Without it, you’re pretty much screwed. You will eventually retreat to the safety of your old patterns. And if you do that, not much will change in your life.

You will continue to subconsciously sabotage progress. You will melt down at the first challenge. Buckle at a hint of adversity.

Believe that change is possible for you.

It is possible.

Identify the daily habits that will lead to the outcome you desire. Once you’ve done that, then do those actions on a regular basis. Turn those actions into habits. Make them part of who you are.

Pretty simple.

Three possible reasons you haven’t done “it” yet.

You don’t believe it’s even possible

This one is funny.

It’s not like you’re trying to create cold-fusion here. You’re not going boldly where no man has gone before. You’re not magically creating a new universe.

You’re trying to be healthier, workout, meditate, and get financially fit.

Countless men and women before you have gone from where you are to where you want to be.

Find examples of someone that seems a lot like you. Examine the core principles that helped them get to where they are. Then apply those core principles.

As you apply the core principles of change, notice how you feel.

One of the big reasons you have quit so many times before is…

You don’t believe you can do it.

You’ve tried several times before.

Each time was the same.

You start off with a bang. You make a big-bold declaration. You get all excited. Then, the excitement fades along with your effort.

If you’re lucky, you find yourself back at square one. This is when the inner critic comes out to play. You hear the equivalent of “nah-nan-ah-boo-boo told you so.

Which brings me to the another reason you haven’t done it yet…

You don’t believe you’re worthy

Part of the backlashing you give yourself is rooted in the idea that you’re not worthy.

It doesn’t matter where you first picked up that belief, or who helped reinforce it.

All that matters is that it’s still there, and you need to work to replace it.

Start now.

Believe nothing.

What’s that saying?

Believe half of what you read and less of what you see…. Something like that.

The reason I ask you to believe nothing, is simple.

Your beliefs are based on a lot of assumptions.

Your entire life is based on assumptions.

Some times that’s a good thing. Some of your assumptions are valid, and they lead you into the right direction. They help you make rational decisions.

But, most of the time your assumptions are complete shit.

Think about different areas of your life that you want to change. Think about the end result. What does that change look like and feel like?

Now, think about the steps it would take to get from here to there.


All assumptions.

The truth of the matter is…

You don’t know shit until you’ve been there and done that.

Don’t believe me?

Think back a few years ago.

Would you have been able to predict your life as it is today?

Think about how this all came about.

A series of chance encounters and pivotal events lead you to this moment. You couldn’t plan for all of it. You couldn’t control every aspect of life that unfolded over the course of time.

You had to go with the flow.

And you based the flow on your…

That’s right…


This week as you take action towards those changes you want to make, be mindful of your assumptions. Make damn sure your assumptions agree with your desires. If they don’t, change them.

Talk to you Wednesday,
Your Future Self.

PS. If you just read this, please note: this series is the result of my morning ritual. These are notes to me, what I need to work on. Some people find them useful.



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