The Universal MAP of Transformation.

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Now… On to today’s post.

Life is mostly a story we tell ourselves.

Story helps the brain make sense of the world. Unfortunately, most of us don’t play the hero in our own story. 

On this page, I’m going to share with you two powerful Story Frameworks 

The first, known as “The Hero’s Journey,” aka The Monomyth, taught by Joseph Campbell. 

Here’s what that looks like.

Three sections:
Separation, Initiation, Return. 

Current reality on the left. Desired reality on the right. 

This MAP is the path that the Identity travels, into the Abyss and back in order to (as illustrated by point 15…. “Integrate wisdom into human life and share it with the rest of the world.”

Point 16 : You’re the Master of Both Worlds —
(Pause & Get Stoked are about Inner Success)

(Flow is how You Express It)

Point 17: The Freedom to Live in the moment 
it’s achievable.

When you open up to experience awe and wonder again, you notice synchronicity unfold. Life seems magical. 

The second story telling Framework, taught by Michael Hague pulls the MonoMyth into 6 Main Turning Points — 11 Beats overall. Hague teaches that…

“Every story is the story of struggle between Identity and Essence.”

After hearing that, I realized that the following MAP is not just for blockbuster movies, novels, or sitcoms.

The COVID lockdowns, turning Point 4: Major Setback  

The world pressed pause. 

The company that contracted my coaching services furloughed me along with their entire staff.

I along with a few million other people hopped on the internet to try to make sense of things. Social media got real noisy. Seemed to split in two factions — masks/no masks.

People had my mom convinced it was all a hoax. She’s high risk, and I had to beg her to not fly down to Texas in April for my birthday. I may or may not have gone a little manic with my posting, and became pretty confrontational.

At some point, I pressed pause.

Left social media and began my inner journey.

Rediscovered Steven Pressfield’s books and eventually found my way into this Script Writing Class and that MAP. After a month or so experimenting, comparing old journals to the MAP, I realized how accurate the percentages in Michael Hague’s Framework are in almost every transformational process.

Took a little bit of wrestling with some ideas for it fit together — but, it seems to me that we actually exists in a number of storylines simultaneously. Play different rolls in different each. To someone you might be a villain. To another person a trusty side kick. You could even be the Morpheus to someone’s Neo, like I am by writing this to you.

But, let me ask you….

The story you woke up with today, 
are you the hero of your own adventure?

Your knee-jerk answer might be no…

…but, that might not be accurate.

Consider this…

…at the hero isn’t the hero until Turning Point #5.

They don’t stand in their Essence (actually be heroic) until 90% o the way through the story. 

All good stories follow similar patterns of tension and resolution.

Yours included.

Two problems — First, we self-sooth and resolve tension in non-productive ways. Second, we spend our time trying to “improve” the identity, when the real goal is to kill it.

Look at that MAP…
just before the Ultimate Boon
— Apostasis.

Ultimate Boon is the Climax of the story.

The funny thing is…

You can go through an entire transformational journey and not fully transform. The identity could pull you back at any time. It’s an ongoing process.

In 2005, at San O’nofre State Beach in Southern California I nearly drown. 

The waves were pretty big that day. Maybe a few feet overhead. I got caught inside. Dragged under. My lungs burned as they begged for air.

That was the day I became a Non-Smoker.

Just like that.

No journey followed. I just got to my truck. Crumpled my pack and said “I’m not that guy anymore.”

A few months later… 

Dating a woman. She asked me to run with her. A mile later, I threw up. It pissed me off, so I signed up for a marathon. Every part of Hauge’s plot structure played out. The final push… the proverbial wall I hit was around mile 22. Almost didn’t finish. Still not sure where the strength came from. But, today…

I am a marathon finisher… not a runner. Never became a runner. Haven’t run since. 

Other goals — I started and stopped.

Each of them ended at very similar moments.

It’s that predictable. 

See the percentages…

If you know the time frame of a goal, you can predict the turning points. 

Every year in January gyms fill up as people resolve to get healthy. 

To put it into a time frame, think periodization. 

When my wife worked with a personal trainer, they set goals. Evaluated her current situation and planned 12 week progression to get one of three things to happen — build, cut, maintain. She showed up and did the work. 

If you take a health goal — or any goal and MAP it on a 12 week progression and plug it into the formula above, week 3 is where most people quit. 

All my “gym rat” friends love the gym to either be empty or slightly full with other “gym rats.” They all hope people join their tribe. But, they still kind of hate the first 3 weeks of January. We’re tribal like that… we want to be surrounded with people like us.


Those are the MAPs. 

Study Michael Hague’s Framework. Plot out where you are in your own journey for each of your goals. Overlay the Monomyth Framework and begin to predict what’s next in your journey. 

These two tools can help you see your life from a different perspective. 

Help you become not just the hero of a choose your own adventure, but the co-author of it. 

The MAP is just a tool.

As you move towards or away from your goal, it’ll reset itself like a GPS.

You can lay out all the steps you imagine are required, but I can almost guarantee two things. First, most of things won’t manifest the same way you imagine they will. Second, when you get to the prize — it will be different too.

Your job is to get used to tension and resolution. Allow it to move your story forward. Or, just change the damn script. 

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