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Yesterday, I edited part of the Tao of Tim (free version).

Next week, I’ll send you all a PDF version of it. And I’ll put it up in an autoresponder as a 2 – 3 week course. If you’ve been on that list and participating, I want to thank you. 

It’s better because of you. 


The part on Systems Theory drawing inspired a Facebook post. 

Study this image. 

Found on Google Images …

Feeling Stuck? Have some P.I.E.

Most of the time we get trapped in the feedback loop. We Try to optimize the wrong things. Can’t figure out why the output is so far off from the thing we want to create. Lose sight of what actually matters. 

It’s easy to get lost in the noise.If you want to change the output and experience different feedback, adjust your P.I.E Recipe

Process — it runs your life. 

Most of the time you’re on Autopilot. 

An area of the brain called the limbic system is all about survival — physiological and social. It scans the environment looking for threat. When it perceives a threat, it shuts down all non-essential functions of the body. 

During reactive mode, the brain redirects electricity away from the Prefrontal Cortex — the part of your brain that can plan, conceptualize, create things. 

The reason people can’t follow through with goals is because the brain is in fight or flight mode. It always traces back to it. That feeling of Dissonance we get is a threat signal from the limbic brains — it clouds the mind, makes us predictably irrational. 

Review the process of your life. Adjust it. Reduce friction. And you’ll start to take actions to support your desired future. 

Input — You are a sensory collecting bio-computer. 

And well… we’re not built for this shit! 

2020 — Misinformation. Social Media dopamine factories…Too much information will overload your system. Too little information will send you into threat as well. We’re a little like goldilocks — there is a level of engagement that’s just right.

We can train and build our capacity for just about anything. But, if you ever find yourself overwhelmed… feeling stuck, and not getting any forward progress on your big goals, the best thing you can do is look at all of your inputs. 

Start with your physiological ones. You need air. Breathe deeper. We can’t function properly without water. Drink 40oz before 4pm every single day. Do the water thing for 10 days, and you’ll be surprised the impact it has in every area of your life. 

Pay attention to your food. Social media. Emails. News. TV. Podcasts. Radio. 

The temperature in your house. The feel of the fabric you wear. Everything, is input. Slow down the Inputs. Choose them wisely. Calm your nervous system down so you can make space in your life to think. 

Environment — Every system is bound by
space/time and influenced by its environment. 

I won’t go into the 7 main environments that you should audit on a regular basis in this email. 

That’s part of the Coaching Course for December – February. I’ll circle back and unpack that idea at some point in this Saturday Soul Surfing Session. Just know, that you get environmental feedback from the inside out, and you’d be surprised what a huge difference little changes can make.

 P.I.E. The Three Pillars of Your Reality. 

Process + Inputs + Environment = Output & Feedback. 

Change your environment, your inputs, and your process and you’ll free your mind up to make better choices.

This process requires objectivity. Don’t take the feedback loop personally. Those reactions you have to the way life shows up for you are from the limbic system. 

Survival Mechanisms…

They’re perfectly natural. No one taught us how to operate in a way that keeps the Prefrontal Cortex online. With practice, you can go from Reactive Mode to Creative Mode. 

That’s what I’m teaching in the Tao of Tim Paid version — it’s what my coaching is all about now.

A few years ago, I realized that some of the main challenges I have don’t seem to go away.

It’s frustrating. Made me feel broken my whole life. 

I thought I had to rewrite limiting beliefs. You don’t. 

Nothing is broken.

It’s just the way the brain processes it’s experience.

You can train it to process differently and tell a different story.

Your story of self isn’t actually written in stone.

But, if you think it is…. Get Therapy. It helps. Maybe get some meds or something. 

And, then…

Bake your P.I.E. 

Update your Process. Be Intentional with Your Inputs. Upgrade your Environments.

Then practice taking control of your inner narrative… or better yet, just silence that noise and tune into your Essential Self — that innate intelligence at your core. 

If you don’t know how, stick with me. I will teach you weekly. My goal is to inspire the best in you, by showing you some processes, helping you shift your perspective, and showing you how to tap into your potential. 

I used to be ruled by shame. It drown my best self. Then, I used it to drive me. And finally, realized that I could just let it go. Stop playing with it. 

Not saying I’m shameless — but, I don’t let shame in my game nearly as often as I used to… it’s all just feedback. 

Ever been near an amplifier when it gets too much feedback? 

It makes an ear piercing screech. Cringe worthy. No one likes that sound. 

Well, guess what…

YOU ARE AN AMPLIFIER of universal energy. 

You are living in a sea of infinite potential. Waves of information and energy hit your senses every moment. Waves of thoughts and emotions ebb and flow through you. 

Why do you think I call you a soul surfer? 😉 

Ride those waves. Let go. Find your center of balance in the chaos. 

Enjoy your P.I.E. 

Hope this helps

Talk soon,

Love your face!


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Enrollment will open back up on January 17, 2021 — it’ll be a different offer, and a higher price point. 

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