Slow Down: Get “there” Faster

The world is changing Fast.
I want to help you prepare for it and
create freedom for yourself and your family.

If you feel stuck and frustrated with your job, in your relationships, your finances…

…if you feel like you’ve created a life that you no longer want, but you can’t leave it because it’s filled with people you love… I want to help you.

There’s a trend going on in our world today.

Business owners and employees alike, feel a sense of dread going to work. Some days it feels like a kick in the face. Over half of the population is unhappy in their current position.

There never seems to be enough.
(time, resources, energy, fun, money etc.)

You can google just about anything you want to know and find some sort of magic pill, push button system, or promise of eternal happiness, yet, not very many people are actually happy and fulfilled.

We’re more connected than ever before through social media, yet completely disconnected in our relationships.

We all know exactly what we “should do” but, doing it seems nearly impossible.

That’s why I created this website.

I wanted to put together a resource for my friends and family to help them create a better future for themselves so that as the world transitions they won’t be left behind.

I feel like more people need to be taught things like:

  • How to deal with overwhelm in a healthy way. 
  • How to be a good human being in a world of seeming chaos.
  • How to Pay Attention to things that Matter and Ignore things that don’t.
  • How to Be Super Productive
  • How to Be Super Relaxed.

Why?– Because, the world is changing way too fast and the human brain isn’t equipped for this much information and this much disruptive change. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about read Abundance: the Future is Brighter than You Think. Don’t worry. It’s not some woo woo mystical offshoot of the secret. It’s a book that describes the way technology might shape the future, and it’s happening right now.

We may or may not have a future. If most climate scientists are correct, there probably won’t be another generation of mankind. And that’s another reason we all need to slow down.

I believe that under all the overwhelm that seems symptomatic for this generation lies untapped genius. It may be you. You might have the answers to save humanity, and you might not.

I bet that you do have answers to the problems you face today, and I think I can show you how to find those answers.

I’m pretty good at helping people figure things out.

The trick is learning how your brain operates, finding your own internal drives and motivations, and creating systems, practices, and habits to support you to be the best you possible.

You need a systems in place to
help you get out of your own way.

You need to plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

So how do we do that? 

How do you do the things you need to do each day so that if you’re am alive at 85 you might not be bedridden, alone, and regretting all the chances you didn’t take?

Even better, if you’re alive at 85…

What would need to have happened that you can look back and smile at the level of real, meaningful impact you had on people in your life, and know that you will leave part of this planet in better shape than when you found it?

Ray Kurzweil says by 2029 we will all have a Jarvis on our Cell Phone. 

AI will extend our brain power and help us manage all of our work, health, and personal fulfillment tasks.

So, if you’re alive in 2029, you’ll have your own personal assistant that could coach you in a manner that helps you tap into your fullest potential.

Since, we’re a few years from that, I think it’s time for you make your own personal transformation a priority and create a system to help you age healthier, and live longer.

For me, that involved building a practice that allowed me to process my rich pallet of emotions in a way that that didn’t prevent me from moving forward in creating my version of “a better tomorrow”.

In the following pages, I’m going to share with you some of the best tools of transformation that I’ve collected over the past 17 years.

Some things will work like magic, and other things might not be useful.

The only way to find out is to test them for yourself.

Instead of trying to get an email or get you on some webinar, I’m just going to lay out the first few steps and let you have them.

In the following pages you will learn:

  • How to Clear Your Mind When It’s Spinning Out of Control so you can identify your most important action steps
  • Why you need to tie up loose ends now. I learned this the hard way — During my dad’s last few weeks, he kept randomly mentioning things he left undone.
  • How to Create Closure in Your Life without Calling up Everyone in Your Past
  • How to Identify the Things that Rob Your Attention and Energy so you can create systems to avoid and eliminate them.
  • How to Leverage YOU and Get more out of every area of Your Life Now and in the Future.

Once you get through all of that, I’ll share with you a few methods that help me shut down my overactive-reactive mind and tap into my creativity.

This helps me unwind tension so that I don’t displace anger onto the people I love, and also helps me clear my brain out so that I can be fully present for my wife and support her the way that she feels loved.

If you decide to go even further in Soul Surfer School you’ll learn

  • How to Practice Mindfulness and Why You Probably Need to Now.
  • And You’ll Discover How to Fully Engage in every area of your life.

Basically, you’ll become the author of your own reality in this choose your own adventure called life.

I hope this helps. My vision is that you find your own flow and are able to show the people in your life how to find theirs. I believe that YOU, is what the world needs right now.

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