Do You Feel Like You Have More Potential, But You Just Feel Stuck And Overwhelmed?

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You might be stuck in the Gap: check your feedback loop.

These days most people are stuck in what can only be described as a “feedback loop hell”.

They can’t seem to escape it.

It’s as if life has a glass ceiling or bubble that they just can’t break out of.

You see it at every level of success. 

People reach a certain point, and even when they know exactly what to do, they still hardly ever follow through enough to break through. 

WHY do you think that is?

They don’t know what to do better?

Just lazy….

Do they just not want it enough?

No Passion…

Are they somehow defective?

It’s seems so easy for everyone else… 

On surface that all seems plausible, but those are just stories. 

That’s it.

The reason so many people feel stuck is because the world has changed in ways you don’t yet understand, or might not fully grasp, and we’re not really wired for this much information.

Most people operate on survival mode, even if they don’t realize it. 

Today, more paths to freedom exist today than ever before, yet people seem dumber than ever.  

Survival mode.

It lets them check a lot of things and but they get nowhere.

(old time management doesn’t work for everyone) 

Survival mode makes them overly concerned with other people’s opinions. 

They spend countless hours contemplating conversations they’ll never have, and talking obsessively about the drama in their lives. 

Or worse….They don’t talk about it. 

They hide the frustration under a smile. It leaks out in fits of RAGE.

(rage is destructive, learning to control it will transform it into creative energy)

Conventional approaches like meditation, goal setting, and time management never seem to work for them

Survival mode won’t let them do change anything, because those tools are outdated.

Being stuck in survival mode looks like normal everyday life.

Before we continue, let me say, that I don’t have any fancy Jets or Garage full of cars.

My wife seems happy enough.

But, there are no tangible trinkets I can tease you with to give me credibility. 

I’m not a doctor. 

I’m just a guy who’s wired a little differently then other guys, and for whatever reasons my self esteem has always been pretty fragile. 

After practicing a few simple exercises for the past 8 months, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

I’d had glimpses of this in the past, and got ahead of myself…. and back into survival mode.

So, if you want, I’ll walk you through the steps that had the most impact on helping me snap out of survival mode. 

This stuff was proven very effective for me in overcoming anxiety and get more of the things that matter done.

It’s like a having a pressure valve that you release it all.

Self esteem is just a byproduct…. feels more and more even keeled.

And I’m going to walk you through those in a bit, without charging you a dime.

Time will tell if I’m full of it. 

Test it for yourself  so you don’t have to wait months to see enough proof that this works.

Come on this journey with me. 

Whether you’ve a seasoned self help junkie or just starting your transformational journey… 

… Understand all of the rules have changed.

I spent the year sorting through all of my educational materials: Books, programs, mastermind notes, and Journals. 

You can see fundamental principles of success in several different areas…

….gambling, surfing, athletic training, direct response marketing, relationships, personal growth, business, and cashflow….

Soul Surfer School has chosen a hodgepodge of different ideas and strategies from these different fields with the idea of growing my personal and professional life BETTER, SMARTER, and FASTER.

Interested in Breaking Through to Your NEXT LEVEL?

Here’s my suggestion…


Right where you are.

And pay closer attention to 4 main areas of your life.

Start SMALL and make some tiny shifts in each.

Get grounded.

Get clear headed.

Break free from survival mode.

By using the system against itself.

Survival mode is part of the brain systems that produce the freeze, fight, fornicate, or flee response. 

This isn’t a new day new me kind of thing.

No magic button.

You won’t instantly heal or walk on water. 

But, if you show up daily, you might learn how to “Soul Surf”. 

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Archimedes

Next suggestion…

Look for Leverage Points.

What I’m about to show you is a way to use leverage and create a system of living that acts as a fulcrum that moves you to your different “level”. 

First, you need to understand the 80/20 rule, so you can do a gap analysis of your life, and start to build up your core pillars to bridge the gap

If you own a business, you’ll always have super fans. 

Most restaurants get 80% of their revenue from 20% of the clientele. 

Drill that 20% of patrons down, and you’ll find that 4% of your customers make up 64% of your sales.  

Find the 4 % and Focus on THEM!

Losing them, is takes the legs out of your business, and if you focus on them, you might figure out how to find more people just like them. 

So.. 80/20 rule, get it? 

Well, let’s move on.

As an owner operator, you need to put your full attention into the 4% that moves the needle and restructure your workflow and delegate the rest.

Identify Most “Bang for Your Buck” activities in each focus there.

This principle works in every area of your life.

You need to know which activities carry the most impact towards the end goal and focus there. 

The reason it’s so difficult to get control of the system is that we don’t practice. 

We don’t train our mind to be open and aware. 

We let ourselves run around always wanting to be in the next moment, it creates an insatiable hunger for more, and inadvertently sends out a certain vibe.

By paying attention to the right things in all these areas.

You probably know the wheel of life exercise by now. 

Soul Surfer School focuses on 4 pillars. 

  • M.E.
  • B.A.
  • SP & LYFs
  • Profit

We’ll unpack that down the road. 

Before you get into anything close to goal setting it’s important to press pause. 

(I know.. get to the point already…. it’s long winded for a reason.)

This is the long slow road to rapid transformation. 

If you keep in touch and reach out, I’ll layout everything for you to test for yourself. 

If you get stuck, you might want to hop on a call with me, and sort it out. 

If you get to a certain point in this process, I’ll send you a link to get on my calendar. 

Here’s what I believe.

No matter where you are in your journey, if you’ve

  • “hit a wall” 
  • “feel stuck”
  • “just can’t seem to break into the next level.”

This system will help you carve out more time for yourself, and at the very least twice as much done.. 

Bold claim. I know… But, if I can do this, almost anyone can. It just takes some experimentation to find the right combination for you. 

The combination ebbs and flows. 

I’m suggesting that if you focus on the results you have and work to double them, then do that again, you’ll discover a fun way of transforming your life in a short period of time. 

The principles are there.

For me to coach you, I don’t even have to be at your level. You might have better money patterns, but, if you press pause and explore, you’ll discover leverage points.

Once you find those pointe, you have launch yourself to your next level in 12 weeks,

I’m going to show you how to do it for free.

Later, if you want support you’ll probably find it’s a good idea to join my private client group at some level.

If so, we’ll get on a call and se if you’re a good fit for the program, and if i’m a good fit as your coach.

It’s important. 

I work best with a certain type of person. If you’re that type of person, and you have a big enough vision, I’ll gladly take you on as a client. 

Clients usually work with me for 10-15 weeks one on one and get a year of support in the form of Monthly Box Mailed. 

You’ll get offline and have a coaching monthly update, tips, failed experiments, and the book of the month. 

Monthly Client trainings and guest trainings and other fun stuff for a year. 

This system is for any goal you can’t achieve and any level you want to reach. 

The choice is yours. 

Test this for yourself and see if life really is a choose your own adventure. 

At any time, you don’t like what you read…


….no harm no foul. 

I’m not here to debate you.

If you know of another program better than this, and I don’t have to get punched in the face or stand in front of people in a diaper again…. 

Please let me know, I’m open to experiment, and I’ve been proven wrong plenty of times before. 

If you want to take the next step in getting out of your own way, and creating a life of flow….

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