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Do You Feel Like Your Potential
Is Locked Up Inside of You?

Something is off. Feels like you're... Stuck in your dream life. Wanting more.
Surrounded by opportunity. Don't know which one to grab.

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You might be stuck in the Gap.

Time to check your feedback loop.

Most people are stuck in what can only be described as a “feedback loop hell”. They can’t seem to escape it. 

Imagine an invisible bubble surrounding you. It’s called a comfort zone. And it stunts your evolution.

You see it at every level of success. 

People reach a certain point, and even when they know exactly what to do, they still hardly ever follow through enough to break out of the bubble. 

Today, looks very similar to last year. The year before, and the year before that. Some things have changed for the good. But, not by a significant degree. 

WHY do you think that is?

They don’t know what to do better?

Just lazy…

Do they just not want it enough?

No Passion…

Are they somehow defective?

It’s seems so easy for everyone else… 

On surface that all seems plausible, but those are just stories. Nothing more. Elaborate narratives to maintain the status quo and a return to homeostasis. 

The reason so many people feel stuck is because the world has changed in ways you don’t yet understand, or might not fully grasp.

We’re not really wired for this much information.

Most people operate on survival mode, even if they don’t realize it. 

Today, more paths to freedom exist today than ever before.

We live in the age of information, and people seem dumber than ever.  

Survival mode.

You get a lot of things done and still make little progress. (old time management doesn’t work for everyone) 

Are you overly concerned with other people’s opinions?

Survival mode.

  • Makes you spend countless hours contemplating conversations that’ll never happen.
  • Inspires obsessive conversations about the drama that happened each day. 
  • Makes you want to argue with strangers on Facebook about things neither of you can control. (Election year is coming… watch out for it)

People try like hell to hide the frustration under a smile.

Frustration always leaks out in subtle ways.

Sometimes we call the leaks self-sabotage. You know what to do. You have a plan and a schedule. And something “important” comes up. 

For some people leaks look like rage.

When you can’t properly process the sense of overwhelm you feel, it’s easy to lash out at the world around you.

Driving. Subtle jabs at people around you. Or focused at the refection in the mirror…. it comes out somehow. 

If that’s you, learn to transmute your rage. It’s useful in the creative process. Top Athletes discuss their rage and how it helps them perform. 
(more on that later… if you like.)

Conventional approaches like meditation, goal setting, and time management never seem to work for most people.

Survival mode makes change seem like death. You avoid it at all cost. Even the cost of your dreams.

The tools they’re teaching are outdated, and/or designed for a small sliver of the population… people who don’t get stuck the way you do. 

Stuck in survival mode looks like normal everyday life. 

Look around. Listen. You’ll see and hear it for yourself. 

Most people you know are just trying to survive. They have all the opportunities to change their lives for the better, and they’re too tired to even put in the effort. 

Before we continue, let me say, that I don’t have any fancy Jets or Garage full of cars.

My wife seems happy enough.

But, there are no tangible trinkets I can tease you with to give me credibility. 

I’m not a doctor. 

I’m just a guy who’s wired a little differently then other guys.

For whatever reasons, until I figured this stuff out, my self esteem had always been pretty fragile. 

A few simple exercises, over a few short months, changed everything for me. 

I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. And that feeling expands on a regular, predictable basis. 

I’d had glimpses of this in the past.

Convinced I knew the “secrets” of having it all, I got ahead of myself…

Tried to Quantum Leap into a reality I didn’t earn my way into. 

And slipped back into survival mode.

The things I’m about to show you helped me break the cycle. 

No more pendulum swings of feeling on top of the world just long enough to feel like I should crawl back into the gutter where I belong. 

If you want, I’ll walk you through the steps that had the most impact on helping me snap out of survival mode. 

I’ve shared this with some people at different levels, and it’s proven to be very effective in overcoming anxiety.

If you want to get more of the things that matter done at work, so you can be free to spend time with people that matter… 

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It’s like a having a pressure valve that you release it all.

Self esteem is just a byproduct….

My clients report that they feel more and more even keeled after the exercises that you’ll get in the following pages. 

I’m going to walk you through those in a bit, without charging you a dime.

There is no email capture page here. You’ll give me that much further down the road. We need to build a relationship first.

You need to trust me more before we ever get to the point of speaking or emailing back and forth. 

Time will tell if I’m full of it. 

Test it for yourself. 

Do the exercises laid out for you here, so you don’t have to wait months watching my life unfold to see enough proof that this works.

Come on this journey with me. 

Whether you are a seasoned self help junkie…

…or just starting your transformational journey…


All The Rules Have Changed.

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