Hi, I’m Tim McAuley — Author, Coach, Damn Fine Husband.
This is my blog. Welcome to Soul Surfer School.

Here I write about personal development, self-mastery, and transforming the world from the inside out. 

  • Soul Surfer School is for people who feel deep down that things could be better, even though, they’re already pretty damn good. 
  • People who imagine a better tomorrow, and want to help make it happen. 
  • They know there is untapped potential inside of them, and the world will benefit when they get out of their own way and let it out. 
  • This is for people who value money, but realize the futility of chasing money for the sake of getting more money. 
  • They want money to create impact and usher in meaningful, lasting change in the world around them. 
  • I built this website for people who crave a deeper more meaningful experience, better relationships, personal satisfaction, and to make a difference. 
  • I want to help those people find their flow and change the world. 

If that sounds like you, read on.

I write a weekly newsletter called Saturday Soul Surfing Sessions where I share articles about life, relationships and business online.


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