Get Out of Your Own Way

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Re: Get Out of Your Own Way
From: 1,144 Miles SW of Henry’s Pond
Buffalo, Ohio
Saturday, 5:23 am

Dear Friend, 

I have no idea how you found this page.

Possibly a client sent you. Could’ve been social media. Maybe a little bit of internet magic.

Who knows?

Whatever it was…

I’m honored. I serve at your pleasure.

You might be wondering what this is all about.
(maybe even what the hell you’re doing here.)

I can’t answer the second part for you.

As to the first part, let’s start with what this isn’t about.

Soul Surfer School is not aboutMoonshots,” Hustling Your Face Off, or 10Xing this or that — those come later.

And forget about limiting beliefs, hacks, and motivational memes.

No Faking it to make it…

This is about getting Real. Raw. And Going deep.

It’s about learning to..

Get Out of Your Own Way

Let Yourself Be Who You’re Meant to Be. 

It’s about the eternal struggle being of two worlds (spiritual/material).

For some of us “living your best life” and all of what that entails (feeling not enough, anxiety, frustration, shame)…

The Struggle is Real. 

It’s unavoidable. Messy. Necessary. And Required of us all. 

We are in it together. Fighting the good fight. For ourselves and for each other. 

If you take this path, you might not “make it.” There is no guarantee. No pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. No magic buttons.

There is work.

It’s hard.

And it’s worth it.

We do cover Moonshots, dream boards, and other traditional tools for personal and professional transformation. To do more, you first have to be more. That’s what this is about.

Getting Stoked.

Welcome to Soul Surfer School.

Hello Wayward Traveler. 

I’m Tim McAuley, your Soul Surfer School Guide. 

I put this website together for people who kind of feel stuck in their head — people who’s day to day responsibilities seem to suck all the life out of them.

It’s for people who crave more, but just can’t seem to get past a certain point (in several areas of life).

I used to be stuck in my head —

I couldn’t escape my own negative self image long enough to make any forward progress.

Did just well enough for most people to tell me I have nothing to complain about.

It can felt pretty overwhelming to know exactly what to do and watch days go by without making forward progress. 

As a way to pay the bills, I worked as a bartender and a server.

It was fun. Gave me the freedom to bounce around from city to city, state to state whenever I felt like it. For years, I enjoyed being semi-retired — but, I craved something more.

I wanted to be more than I was being.

Craved contributing in a more meaningful way.

I had a vision. Put it on a dream board. Even “manifested” quite a few things along the way.

It was just enough to keep striving, but not nearly enough to feel like I “made it.”

I was convinced something about was broken. 

Every day, my attention got pulled in a million different directions — none of them in the direction of my dreams

Things changed in 2018. 

Next to my dad’s bed in a nursing home. 

I sat in a recliner while he fought for his life. Unsuccessfully — 

The experienced shook me to my core. Broke me (even more). It was grief like I’ve never experienced it before. 

After he died, I arrived in a new town. Frisco, Texas. Ready to start a new life.

But, living the life I lived before became unbearable.

Everything lost appeal.

My daily routines seemed so pointless and wasteful. There was so much more to living than I was doing. Nothing made sense.

I nearly blew up my marriage (and my wife is freakin awesome). 

The thing is, I saw my own future there in that bed — dying with a mind full of regret, things undone. Life un-lived.

I knew I needed to Pull Myself Together. I vowed to change the way I show up to life. And it wasn’t easy.  

A few months after coming home, I stumbled on a video that described Carl Jung’s idea on individuation — the psyche and the fractured self. 

It knocked me for a loop. Everything sort of made sense. I knew why I’d felt so broken. I sort of was. A lot of us are. It’s pretty easy to get confused — natural to over identify with the Masks we where. 

A Battle Between Two Selfs
Rages Inside Each of Us

The self that lives our life vs the essence of who we could become. 

The bad thing is, we are basically taught from an early age to repress any form of authentic expression. That repression blocks us from access deep wells of emotional intelligence and creativity — traps us into a false dichotomy. 

It starts at an early age. We get wounded, and it hurts bad enough that we never want to feel that again. That’s when we start to form a shell (an identity) to protect our essence from the world. 

We Protect Our True Self in a Shell Identity

And the Shell runs our life for us. 

Most of us never do the deep inner work to break the shell and get free. The un-lived life stays trapped. The Shell suffocates the real Self. This slowly kills you, and drives some of the oddest behaviors. 

All that dumb shit you do…

…and the dumb shit you see other people do…

It all traces back to the Fragmentation — — The Shell I would love to help you Break Your Shell.

I’m not sure I can. 

But, what I can do is share the story of how I kept mine broken. 

Hopefully, sharing this will guide you through the right ideas and principles that inspire your own breakthrough. 

Or, at the very least, point you in a good direction.

Just so you know. This might not be safe. Some people need a hard shell. Breaking it hurts. Living without it feels raw most of the time.

The best I offer is tell you the story of how I cracked mine, and how life is different now.

I’ll also explain why I want to stay broken.

In the past several months, I’ve been working one on one with a few people. They’ve rewarded me handsomely for the gifts they discovered through our work, and encouraged me reach more people, and inspire more breakthroughs.

That’s what this is all about.

I publish a weekly essay here on Soul Surfer School.

And Each week send emails to people on the list.

Some of those take the conversation deeper.

Others just read quietly.

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One will lead you to the Archives.

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If you’d prefer to keep your email address, no worries.

The website is here for you if you. The Archives get updated weekly. Save the address.

Life is a choose your own adventure.

Choose wisely my friend.

Choose wisely.

Hope this helps.

Love Your Face!


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