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Soul Surfer School is a Resource to Help People
Pay Attention to & Create Things that Matter.

Ready to Start Living Your Real Life?

Too many people have an Un-Lived Life trapped inside them.

They’re trapped by the stories of self-imposed limitations, Habits, Rituals, & Routines, and the unconscious rules that operate their daily lives.

The world will be a better place when you learn to stop living in your head and recognize that life is a Choose Your Own Adventure. 

I’m here to help you I’m here to help you make better choices, create a better story, and get out of your own way.

I believe the world needs better leaders.

The people who should be leading are hiding…

….buried under a mountain of self-doubt, worry, and information overwhelm.

You don’t have to want to dent the universe and create some world changing impact. If you don’t have a moonshot, that’s okay. Soul Surfer School still might be for you.

You matter. How you show up makes a difference. We’re in this together.

And the people in your life deserve you at your best.

I want to help you get out of your head and help you develop your own creative powers.

This is about bringing out your best.

I believe two things about human potential — 1. Everyone’s got it 2. No one has ever reached it.

Why Choose Soul Surfer School?

1. Human Attention is THE most valuable resource in the Universe.
If You Don’t have possession of Yours, Someone else does. You’ll learn harness your attention, and take better control of your life.

2.  The Human Brain wasn’t built for the age of information.
You need to learn how to manage your brain, your thoughts, and your emotions if you want to thrive today. Three Pillars make up your locus of Control — Mind, Body, Craft. Soul Surfer School will help you stay on the path of self-mastery in all three.

3. Soul Surfer School is a collection of the world’s best transformational tools.
Tim McAuley, your guide offers ongoing training to help you find and stay centered in your Locus of Control. Train yourself to manage your attention, cultivate the right emotions, and take actions you know you should be taking, and you may even surprise yourself.

The process is simple.
The model works.
And You can apply it immediately. 

Here’s what this is about…

I want to help you create a better future. 

Life is a choose your own adventure. When you Pay Attention to things that matter, you can actually create more things that matter. And I’ll let you in on a little secret…

You don’t have to justify why it matters. If it matters to you, it matters. Plain and Simple. 

Each of us is the power to create or destroy.

And right now, the world is a very noisy place.

It’s distracting. Moving too fast. Transforming at the blink of an eye.

More now than ever, it’s important to train your attention. Slow your mind down. Develop deep presence. Be intentional. The solutions you seek will present themselves in seemingly magical ways.

You are on a path.

Right now.

And there are a number of choices you make on a daily basis.

One single moment can change your life — for better or worse.

And I believe there is a way for you to influence that to some degree.

That’s why put this website together, and it’s why my clients love working with me.

I want to teach you “The Tao of Tim”

Pause — Carve out space to think, so you can make better decisions 
Get Stoked — Feel better now. Be comfortable with the tension of “the Gap” 
Flow — Get out of your own way, get the right stuff done. Create things & moments that matter. 

I Put Together a Free Training for You.

If you want to learn to navigate the Transformational Journey, so you can exponentially upgrade your life.

It’s an introductory course about the Transformational Journey, with a MAP, and introduces you to some idea that are broadly useful, and applicable to every change you want to create.

I put together here to help me unpack a 60,000 foot view of the process of Transformation, so I could MAP out a 13 Week Client Journey.

You can check it out on the next page. No need to give me an email address, a credit card, or any of that jazz.

Just check it out.

If you like what you read, there is a free email course to help you go deeper.

Later, you might consider enrolling in Soul Surfer School for digital or one on one coaching.

Scroll down to Get Free Access to this training.

If you desire profound & lasting transformation, work with Tim.

He is tough and will take you to uncomfortable places, but he does so with a genuine desire to help you attain what you want in life. 

I’ve worked with many coaches including two Anthony Robbins Platinum coaches and Tim has helped me to achieve results far beyond those of any other coach. 

Tim has such a depth of empathy and caring, that I’ve been comfortable sharing things with him that I’ve never shared with any other human being. 

Tim can delve into any aspect of life from work to relationships to spirituality. 

I’ve healed some of my most cherished but challenged relationships, and I am on a path to fulfilling my life’s purpose. 
Today I’m happier, more centered, and more focused. 

Thank you Tim!!!”

D.C. Client from Dallas, Tx