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Surfing Introduced Me To Flow
— the feeling of oneness with the moment.

Self – help screwed me up.

My spirituality turned into a spiritual bypass.

For years, I was Mr. Spiritual guy with Rage issues.

One day in 2013, out on Seneca Lake, I’m about half way across the lake, thinking of some jerk from the night before.

All of a sudden, the water about ten feet in front of me explodes and shock waves bring me into the present moment.

I anchored the paddle to stop the board.

Out of the water comes a Bald Eagle. It dove down and carried a fish in it’s Talons. I swear that fish looked at me as like…

“Dude. Did you see that? WTF?”

It was like the first time a wave brought me home. The noise in my mind didn’t stop. More like a space inside me was carved out, and a bubble protected me from getting sucked under and into the emotional ongoing narrative of Tim McAuley.

It lasted about 3 minutes.

Cultivating the space of presence is a practice.

A moment by moment practice.

During that time, I decided to create a new “dream board”.

I called it the No Matter What method. Me being me, I also created a video walkthrough of creating the vision board, and what I was doing. Taught a few other people to do it too.

And it worked like a charm.

I’ll show you that further down the road. You have to learn how to pause first. And that’s not easy.

At this time in my life, I’d been living my father since returning from Brazil in 2010. We shared a single wide trailer. He would sneak cigars while I was gone, and get defensive when I asked him to stop smoking in the house.


I’d taken him to Georgia to visit my sister for a month.

During that time, I create the Dream Board, a process called “dawn patrol” and then planned my life around stand up paddling at Seneca Lake.

On the trip back from Georgia, we stopped at this cool little spot somewhere in the Carolinas.

Water has always soothed me.

We got back in the car, and dad was silent until West Virginia. Then, he said….

“Boy. It’s time you leave Ohio. I get why you’re here. You saved me from myself, but you’re too good of a man to waste your life for me. Time to find you a woman and get back to the Ocean. You need it, and you’re just not built for winter.”

A little back and forth later, he gave me a deadline.

“Be gone by January. Keep in touch. And visit at least every other year.”


It took a few months to decide my next move.


I posted a declaration on Facebook. Oversharing is kind of my thing on there.

And that’s when things took a turn.

This woman who I’d never met, reached out to me.

She lived in Virginia, and posted some of the best sunset pictures on the internet. I said no thanks.

She was looking for Mr. Right, and I didn’t think I was him.

We chatted a few days, and my mind changed. We met up. It was magical.

At one point, she was at the sink washing dishes telling me about her last marriage, and said the truest thing anyone has ever said.

“The thing that upsets me most about the way he treated me, was I’m really good at being a wife.”

I had no clue that eventually, she’d prove that to me. But, she has. We’ve been bouncing around the country since then.

In 2016, we went San Clemente. Didn’t work out. In 17 we paused in Boulder City, NV and learned a lot.

Fast forward.

I had taken a position with a friend’s paddle board business at Lake Mead, so I started working at one of the Highest Rated Restaurants in the world, and making great money.

One day.

Got a call about Dad.

Just like the wave…

…the Eagle bombing the water….

…Life smacked me into the present moment.

We thought he had 3 days left.

I went to Ohio to sit with him.

He lasted 47 days and it broke me.

One of the last coherent conversations we had, he told me this….

“Boy. Listen up. Don’t talk. I don’t know how long I’ll be here. My brain don’t work right.

You’re about to feel a pain you can’t imagine. It broke me. And I ruined the only good thing that happened to me.

Don’t you let that happen to you. Don’t lose that woman. Don’t let the anger take you.”

He told me to give it no more than a year.

Then write.

My dad read both of my books several times. He said they changed his life. And he died thinking I could change the world.

At least for a few people.

When I arrived back home. Annette had moved us from Vegas, to Frisco, Texas. And I spent a year looking deep into the mirror.

My goal. Cultivate the space inside of me, get out of my own way, and create a better life for my family… .then write and share what works for me.

During the year, I reached out to people I’d met in passing.

No agenda. Just to connect. One guy… oddly enough, named Mike said a few things, and I offered to help.

Six weeks later, he encouraged me to figure out a way to build a coaching practice. This stuff works for Mike. And, I know it’ll work for more people.

Maybe it’ll work for you.

I set this website up to help you start to carve out that space inside you, so that you can tune out of the noise.

Maybe you don’t experience the level of noise I used to… that’s great, you probably don’t need to keep reading this.

Maybe the reason for your noise is something that requires therapy. I’m not your guy for that.

I have a few certifications to facilitate transformational coaching, but it’s not therapy.

But, look, I’m not here to try to start some stuff. Not here to convert you, convince you, or argue with you.

If this makes sense, continue. If not. Bounce.

Life is a choose your own adventure.
You do You.

If you want to understand a little more about the basic level of the soul surfer school process, it all starts with PAUSE.

You can learn more about that here.
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Read it. Click through the links.
Get a good idea of where I’m coming from, and at the bottom of the page is an audio that might help you press pause now, and feel a sense of relief from anxiety.

I said might…

Disclaimer. I’m not qualified, certified, or hold any advanced degrees. I’m a deeply flawed human. Broken. And no longer ashamed. If you’re severely depressed, please seek professional help. If you feel suicidal. Please do not click the link. Get therapy please. I love you. And I am not trained to deal with all that you have to deal with. I did it on my own, and do not recommend that to you. This is for educational purposes only. None of this is advice.

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